25 May 2015

Ten Reasons Why Toddlers Are Like Celebrities

You might be reading the title of this blog and be thinking WT-actual-F is she on about - toddlers, like celebrities? But stick with me, I'm pretty sure you're going to identify with some of the below....

Why toddlers are like celebrities.....

1. They are often papped in compromising positions....

Busted with mummy's juice...
2. They order "off -menu" when you go out to eat and everything has to be "on the side". God forbid one should allow bean sauce to contaminate one's frites.

Mummy had the audacity to suggest a picnic in the sun
3. Their social life is planned with military efficiency and they need to be booked up sometimes months in advance.

4. They have to be bribed, coerced, cajoled and eventually blackmailed into doing things that are usually for their own benefit.

5. They have tantrums if they don't get their own way. And the bigger the audience for these the better.

We weren't paying attention to him.
6. They love selfies (Kim Kardashian has nothing on my son....)

Potty selfie #pelfie
7. They never clean up after themselves. No really, nothing like someone bending over so you can wipe their pooey bottom.

8. They change outfits several times a day. Living with my son is like being in a Lady Gaga concert.
Gruffalo/Bloodhound Gang mash up
9. They have to be protected from the harsh realities of life such as Iggle Piggle not being a real actual person and that you can't visit the cloudbabies.

10. When they start talking, no matter what it's about (soliloquies on storm-clouds, where mummy's boobies should live) everyone hangs on their every word as if they're God passing down the ten commandments.

Bunny listening to Mike the Knight under duress.
Agree with me? Have I missed any? Would love to hear your toddler's celeb-like behaviour so please leave me a comment below!

Thank you and goodnight,

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A Cornish Mum


  1. HA! Love it. Being a toddler is pretty damn good. :-)

  2. Love it! And so true! My Little Miss hasn't quite reached the full on toddler stage yet but the tantrums have started!

  3. Thanks for linking up to #TenThings I LOVE this list! Hilarious and arghh the keeping food separate thing...my children are 9 and almost 11 and STILL try to insist on this!!
    Stevie x

  4. Oh number 9! I remember the awful moment when we bought my son 'stuffy' from Doc McStuffins. He ran and got his stethoscope and was so disappointed when Stuffy didn't come to life, it was awful! I wish we'd been able to protect him from that! x

  5. Hilarious! Best post I've read this week so far, really made me chuckle!

  6. Brilliant!My kids decide they want to change 100 times a day too and leave a trail of crap wherever they go x

  7. I have never thought of it until now but... yes, they blinking well are just like celebs. I think you've pretty much covered all the points - they were LOL'errific #twinklytuesday

  8. haha very funny and so true! My son loves a selfie..or 1000. My iPad is full of pics of his face, mainly up his nose! #TenThings

  9. maybe irrationally indulged, well connected, over hyped performers are like toddlers?

  10. Oh yes - so true. Especially the food one for us! #10things

  11. Haha love it. I think all 10 are the same in our house too! #twinklytuesdays xx

  12. Lol, love it - especially no.10 - so very true! :-)

  13. LOL, love this list - I was grinning right from the compromising positions :D

    Ps. The Gruffalo photo is also super cute!


  14. Aaah I'd give *almost* anything to be able to get away with 'toddler-like' behaviour!! To be honest, if you tried most of these things in day to day life — and you weren't a celebrity or a toddler — you'd most definitely get carted away and locked up!! ;) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro | www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

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