This Blog

Thanks for finding your way to my blog - it features lots of haphazardly organised rambling about music, books, reading, writing, social media, parenting, photos and random other stuff. 

I originally set up the blog to encourage myself to write more - and to attempt to write a book (see this post). That was, scarily, back in 2009, so awhile ago now! In that time I've gone from blogging almost daily to having a lengthy blogging hiatus(hello 2012 and 2013) completed Nanowrimo 2010 and now as of 2014 I'm trying to do a bit better and blog at least fortnightly. (The blogging hiatus, I should add, is called `Baby45`).

I used to do set posts on set days to create some semblance of order amongst the chaos but due to Baby45, this is a bit tricky. However I do still try to do the following regular posts:
  • Top 10 Lists Usually music oriented, but with some other topics (books, films...) mixed in. I was inspired by Nick Hornby's love of lists in High Fidelity. Buzzfeed seems to have beaten me to the punch on this now :/
  • Word of The Week AKA WoTW. I pick a word that I've been thinking about for a few days, and try relate it to writing. I guess it's a mini essay. I really enjoy writing these and sometimes I discover things about myself I hadn't realised before!
  • This Much I Know Is True so this is interviews with people that I like or whose work I like. I just am curious to know what people know about life - the small stuff and the big stuff. Sadly, I've not done any in this for a LONG time but maybe I'll rectify this...what do you think?
  • Photo Essays this is self-explanatory really :) I do take guest posts for this, so if you want to submit something, get in touch!
  • Book Reviews Also self explanatory. I review books purely randomly - I might have gotten them from the library, purchased them or been lent them or even, sent them free to review! (am always open to that last one).
  • Lyric Day A mini essay on a song I'm currently loving or just can't bloody get out of my head. Also hoping to introduce people to some new music...
I've also created a set of rules for me to adhere to when blogging (see this post). So in the meantime do feel free to comment on anything you find interesting and I'll do my best to reply. I hope you like what you read and that you come back soon :) Also if you want to talk to me directly you can catch me @stupidgirl45