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Hi there,

I'm Becky aka Stupidgirl45 and welcome to my blog, that's me to your right

About Me......
I set up this blog in 2009 as an outlet to encourage me to write a book. Needless to say the book has still not been written. Instead I've now posted over 200 posts covering mostly music, writing, social media and parenting.

On other stuff about me? Well, when I'm not a mummy also I love rock climbing, cake, tequila, Game of Thrones and read pretty much everything. I'm a feminist, a fence sitter and an aspiring Khaleesi. Click here, here and here for more info about me. Finally, why Stupidgirl45? Stupid Girl is from this song by Garbage and 45 comes from this song.

About This Blog.....
As I mentioned, the blog was set up to encourage me to write. I blogged regularly throughout 2009-2011 including completing Nanowrimo in 2010. I had a baby-related hiatus from blogging in 2012-2013, dipped my toe back in during 2014 and now as of 2015 blog at least once a week.

Previously I had set posts on set days including Top 10 Lists /Word of The Week /Lyric Day. I now post a lot more on parenting - popular
 posts are On the Naughty Step - Top Mummy Misdemeanours, Shedding Your Skin, Motherly Love, and an Alternative CBeebies A-Z.  I also post the odd snippet of fiction.

About Toddler45.....
Toddler45 (aka Baby45) arrived in autumn 2012 and added a pleasing mix of lunacy and bodily fluids to my life. Toddler45 very much subscribed to the `sleep is for wimps` theory, not sleeping through until 2015.... He also loves "boobies mumma" and was breastfed until he was just over 2. 

We co-sleep as required, and babywear (I love close caboo, ergo and connecta slings) but also have a Bugaboo Bee+ which is fab. We did some BLW but Toddler45's idea of BLW was Ella's Kitchen pouches, not my home made meatballs *sigh*.

Toddler45's loves music, books and outdoor activities.His style could be classed as jeans and geekboy/fanboy/nerd chic. So if you have any products in relation to these for review, or any other thoughts on working with us, do get in touch.

Stats Info.....

Twitter: 1.2k followers, on Twitter since 2010
Facebook: 260 page likes/I also run a private mums group with 500+ members.
Blogger pageview stats: 4.5k average a month.

Contact Me.....
Twitter: @stupidgirl45 - probably quickest way to get in touch
Email: stupidgirl45 at hotmail dot com

I love being part of the blogging community and working on joint projects and finding great new blogs to read so please do get in touch!