27 Mar 2011

Losing Yourself - Top 10 Chill Out Tracks

I wasn't sure what to do my top 10 on this week, I was almost too chilled to think about it - but then I realised `doh`, I should do my top 10 chill out tracks - as that's what I've been listening to this afternoon whilst I cleaned and tidied and chucked out trash. I started out listening to Counting Crows, but headed over to my chill out music shortly after. So grab a chilled glass of something - or a cup of tea - and curl up with this lot!

Top 10 Chill Out Tracks

1) Fast Car - Tracy Chapman This is such a beautiful song and I get such a yearning to listen to it, speshly when the summer nights are warm and long. I like to sit somewhere that I can watch the sunset, with a glass of wine in one hand and put this on. I imagine what I might do if I drove off somewhere and started my life from scratch. When I was a teenager I used to crawl out on to the roof of my house in the summer and listen to this and watch the sky.

2) All Is Full of Love - Bjork I know, I've blogged about this before but Bjork's ethereal voice just has a real pavlovian response in me. I'd never heard this song until about 2003, and I listened to it when I was reading Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones. When I hear this song, I remember sitting on my bed, on sunny afternoons, whiling awhile the hours reading and relaxing.

3) Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley I have to confess, until the X-Factor, I'd never ever heard this song before, but once I heard Buckley's version I was completely hooked. I don't really want to say much about this song - the melody and lyrics say it all for me.

4) More Than This - Roxy Music My dad gave me a copy of the best of Roxy Music when I was sitting my GCSEs (for the non UK peeps, that's around age 15-16) and I was really in the middle of a tough time at school. I completely fell under Ferry's spell - and also Brian Eno's incredible talents (interesting that he also worked with U2, one of my favourite bands) More than this just kind of helped  me get through stuff, even though I think the essential message of the song is a little depressing!

5) Sweet Child of Mine - Taken By Trees Possibly, the best cover version of any song that I've ever heard. The G'nR version is probably my favourite song, but this one just electrifies every nerve in my body - it's so beautiful and melancholic. I first heard it on a John Lewis ad (big UK dept. store) about 3 months after I got married. My only regret about my wedding is that I didn't hear this song before and get to walk down the aisle to it. So perfect. Hope you love it too!

6) Teardrop - Massive Attack One of the ultimate chill out songs IMO. I've listened to this all over the place - in my flat, in pubs and clubs and restaurants, overlooking hundreds of sunsets - it never fails to raise the hairs on the back of my neck. What I love about it is the contrast between the smooth melody and singing and the crackly popping noises in the back of it (am sure there's a proper techy muso word for that but I don't know what it is!) This song is the equivalent of of wrapping your body in suede. Awesome video too!

7) Where Do I Begin - Chemical Brothers I heard this when I watched Vanilla Sky and hated the movie (too creepy!) but loved this song. It's a sunday morning in bed with the papers and a cup of tea song. It makes me think of being so hungover and staying someplace other than home and that horrid fuzzy feeling of having to deal with public transport and fresh air and sunshine when really you just want to be in your own bed, hiding under the duvet. On another note, this song does also remind me of being very depressed, but its nice to now be able to listen to it and it not upset me as it's a beautiful track!

8) Numb - U2 I think that the U2 Zooropa album is very underrated, mostly known for being the tour where they lost a lot of money. Anyway the songs on this album are really trippy and kinda psychadelicy-ish (I know, that's not a word!). It's got the beautiful Stay (Far Away, So Close) which makes me cry but the rest of the album is nerve-tinglingly different. My favourite is this one, possibly because The Edge sings/mumbles most of the lyrics whilst Bono comes on to wail the chorus. I think The Edge has the sexiest voice and this song just ticks all the right boxes for me. It reminds me of scorching hot summer days, when you can't sleep or breathe or do anything for heat - you've always got sweat trickling down your back and this song is a bit of ice in all that heat.

9) As The Rush Comes (radio edit) - Motorcycle I know, it's dance music. But I used to be a HUGE trance fan. When I was also a goth. Weird that. Anyway.... yes I love trance and this song IMO is very trance-y. It makes me feel like I'm moving when I'm standing still. It's such a `travelling` song and I love listening to this when I'm running.  It's great for when you're er, chilling out before you're going out. Hope you love it like I do.

10) Glory Box - Portishead I guess, really i should have had this on my alternative love songs list but to me, it's up there with Teardrop in the chill-out songs rankings. I know it's a bit louder but it makes me feel electric when I hear it. Again the mix of tuneful and crackly really make it for me but then the guitar wails kick in and it's just a perfect song.

So that's it - that's my list - and it was a hard one to do. I had some awesome suggestions but the best one by far was Ghosts by Siobhan Donaghy which was suggested by @LucyVMorgan of the fabulous Literary Friction blog (check it out!) Let me know what you think of the list and suggest some other stuff for me!!

I'll be back on Wednesday with WoTW plus friday's interview and some other bits inbetween so have a good one all.

Thank you and good night,

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  1. Great list! I love Jeff Buckley (still remember where I was when I heard he'd died). Have you heard his other stuff? Grace is a must own album.

    Smooth Operator by Sade is my hot summer days song. Reminds me of sitting on the hot sand looking out at the waves.

    Another I'd put is I Remember You by Skid Row. Great memories with that one :)

  2. Billy Joel's GOODNIGHT MY ANGEL and (new) MY NAME IS CARRIE. I'M SO VERY..different, but its what I like and it's happy and uplifting. Guess I'm basically a 'drive time' listener and maybe on the beach as well.Like your Chapman + Buckley choices. Sometimes I (gulp) even listen to classical and jazz. Don't always 'get it' but it's soothing in an almost medicinal way. thanks as always for making us think and remember.

  3. I don't chill out! But I do love Portishead and Massive (Attack)

    marc x

  4. Lol at "I don't chill out." I mostly like Classic FM for quiet afternoons.

  5. I think I shall have to buy Grace, I've heard such good things about it ;) Not so keen on Sade :P

    I do also like Billy Joel - speshly Piano Man.

    Marc - they're just so awesome

    Lucy - LOL. I'm not so good with classical music, I never have been, I wonder why. hmmm

  6. You are right about Jeff Buckley BUT no-one can do Hallelujah like Leonard Cohen, (he is fanastic LIVE and a very cool older man (your aunt H and I were swooning when we saw him at 02) ;-)just as no-one can do Run like Snow Patrol or Without You by Harry Nilsson.

    Originals imho are almost always the best versions.

    Used to love Billy Joel but now he belongs in the sad past.

    As for classics and your not being so good with them, that's prob down to me cos it was always pop and rock being played at home when you were growing up, not traditional classics like chamber music, ballet or opera. Anyway I consider a lot of 20th century music as 'classic' now :-)

  7. Great chill out songs. Fast Car has to be my favourite. It makes me think of warm summer evenings and driving in our (not so family-friendly) little two seater x #thelist

    1. Definitely, Fast Car is a real summer evening song. It's a great song but with bittersweet lyrics. Thanks for stopping by :) x

  8. I love that Chemical Brothers track haven't heard it in years! And I am a big fan of Massive Attack and Portisheas, great for chilling out! #thelist

    1. THey're all bristolian bands - what is it in the water (ahem...) there ;) Thanks for commenting :) x

  9. Erm, have you raided my CD collection?! Haha! The first 6 at least are some of my favourite relaxing tracks! I also love the Unthanks and First Aid Kit too.

    thanks for linking up to #Thelist xx

    1. Oooh I've not heard of those, I'll have to try those! Thanks for commenting, glad you liked the post :) x