17 Mar 2011

Tagged - a bit of blogging fun - pass it on!

Well I've been tagged on Twitter by @stephalie1 to answer a few questions! I do like a challenge so here we go! I have been tagged to complete the sentences below and to tag 5 fellow bloggers who I would like to see do the same.

I am.....unsure of myself? See this post I wrote about identity. But today, I am a writer, a wife, a friend, a climber and a sister.
The bravest thing I have ever done is.... run away from a rapist (after being assaulted) twice, in stilletos, on cobbles - and then report him to the police. And then leave my house and go out late, at night, by myself. I still get spooked coming home when it's dark and hate it when people walk close behind me. I don't drink much as a result and make sure that my friends are always okay on their journey home. They know they can stay at mine if they need to. (if you're interested, I posted about it here) Might be sensitive to some.
I feel prettiest when....I'm happy and with people I love. The clothes/make up/hair is irrelevant. 
Something that keeps me up at night is.....thinking about new/next/current blog posts, my work-in-progress, my anxiety issues, work, taking my medication at the wrong time!
My favourite meal is..... currently sushi. But I also love a decent roast chicken, steak and Nigella's Red Prawn + Mango curry made by a good friend of mine. (see here)
The way to my heart is.... by being an open, honest person and allowing yourself to be seen for who you are, this makes you vulnerable but I respect that. And also, people who do little, un-mentioned, un-asked for acts of kindness win me over every time.
I would like to be.....a published author. A better climber. Happy in myself. A mum!
So five bloggers I'd like to see join in are

KT - http://iknowineedtostoptalking.blogspot.com/

Rach - http://thecraftybat.blogspot.com/

Bobbins - http://demonwrangling101.wordpress.com/

Sage - http://sageontheedge.blogspot.com/

Will - http://vampirewonderland.blogspot.com/Consider yourselves tagged, I look forward to reading your posts!

Finally, here is a link to Steph's blog - the cause of this post! http://fromstudenttomidwife.blogspot.com/

Thank you and good night

Stupidgirl has left the building!


  1. And I rudely forgot to say thank you very much for the tag :)

  2. check what you left out in 1) - honest or just Freudian, I guess :-(