4 Jan 2011

Oversharing or, 25 things you didn't really need to know about the author of this blog

So, seeing as I have some actual followers out there - including some who actually don't even know me and are following me out of the goodness of their hearts - I thought I would do a little "guide to the world and life of stupidgirl45".

So, where to start? 
Well first, I always like to give you guys something handy to look at, so here is a recipe for one of my favourite dishes - it's my ultimate comfort food. Red Prawn + Mango Curry - one of my best friends first cooked this for me one night before we went out clubbing and guess what, it tasted great at 3am when we got in.

anyway enough with the procrastinating and tootling around on twitter/FB/foruming

Back to the 25 things. I kind of cheated with this one, it's actually from a note on facebook, but, I thought it said quite a lot about me. And it's not one of those boring "my favourite icecream/car/colour/MP" lists. The 25 facts are just me. In fact form. Handy huh - like a cut-out-and-keep-guide. 

So go ahead, cut-out-and-keep-me:

1. I'm deaf  - with a small 'd', I wear hearing aids in both ears and have around 45% hearing without them. Yes I lipread, yes I can tell when people are swearing on the tellybox, no I can't come and sit with you and tell you what those people over there are saying.

2. I've sung on a broadway stage with sting 
3. I buy shoes  - asking for a reason is like asking why I breathe.

Here is a picture of one of my favourite pairs of shoes, they are red and sparkley!

4. I peel the skin off my feet, even when it bleeds - sorry I know it's gross. And I only do this when I am very stressed out. 
5. I'm scared of spiders and snakes and heights and the dark. 
6. I'd rather be too cold than too hot 
7. I am a body facist - but only about myself not other people 
8. I once gave a presentation (that counted towards my degree) on pornographic ancient greek pottery. I didn't get a good mark. 
9. Peanut butter, gin, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and meat on the bone make me gag. 
10. I arrange my books by mood 
11. I get cravings to hear particular songs the way some people get food cravings 
12 I see numbers as colours with personalities. Maybe that makes me either mad or a genius or both 
13. I have webbed toes - this does not help me swim better though, sadly

14. To give me confidence when I'm out, I think WWMMD - What Would Marilyn Monroe Do.... 
15. My imaginary friends were called Scoggles + GooGoo, I was 5. I used to call them on my toy telephone. 
16. I love being tall and then wearing really high heels, who says tall women can't wear f*ck me shoes 
17. When I was 17 I was offered a job as a dominatrix
18. If I could be a tv character I'd be Jessica from True Blood. She looks like this:

19. The most important lesson I ever learned is to be happy with what you have and accept the choices you've made. 
20. My role models are Boudicca, Madonna, Germaine Greer, Margaret Atwood and my grandmother who all kick ass. 
21. Outside of my husband, I love my friends more than anything. Some of them read this blog. They know who they are.
22. Sweet Child of Mine is the song I most listen to when I'm getting ready to go out. I really wanted to walk down the aisle to it but didn't have the guts. I regret this.
23. If you haven't done fancy dress properly as an adult, you haven't lived. 
24. I;ve been told I look like Amy Winehouse, Nigella Lawson, Kate Winslet , Madonna, Erin O'connor and Cher. I still think I'm ugly most of the time.
25. Illegitimi non carborundum is my motto, If you dont know what it means, I pity you.

Hope you liked what you read. 

Thank you and good night.

Stupidgirl has left the building


  1. You're funny and you're lovely and you're just the teeniest bit irreverent about everything. Having seen you naked, I feel as if I should know you better. This post helps me to feel that I do.

    ps Ethan got a guitar for Christmas, and I've been borrowing it when he's asleep to learn to play Sweet Child of Mine. I can play the first bar so far. Slowly. And badly. But I'll get there...

  2. Am now officially following you blog. Especially for this reason:

    4. I peel the skin off my feet, even when it bleeds - sorry I know it's gross. And I only do this when I am very stressed out.

    I have done this my whole life. Kind of a pathetic point of comparison, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't stop when the bleeding starts!

    You were one of the first people I followed on Twitter (besides my own friends/family) and I've appreciated your follow back ever since!

    LOVED all 25 of your comments - although I love brussels sprouts. But I'll forgive you because you retweeted my blog post.

    I saw on Twitter you're writing a new one. Can't wait to return the favor -

    Here's to f-me shoes :-)

  3. I am so touched by both your comments, so incredibly kind of you both - and both of you are amazingly talented in your own ways indeed. You might like to follow each other actually - both your blogs are listed on the right on the list of blogs I follow.

    Many thanks again and virtual wine/cake/shoes to you both!


  4. hey .... lovin' your work babe! Sadly this has made me admit to myself that I've not lived (#23)

    Oh, and I love your shoes, like - seriously - I will have dirty thoughts about those shoes.

    And you know what, I reckon Jessica Vamp would wear them shoes too ... and be a very bad vamp in them.

    Loops xx

  5. Looper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You found me yay! You so need to do fancy dress, can't believe you haven't. Glad you love the shoes, I do too :-)
    Betty xxx