11 Jan 2011

Navel Gazing

So I had a nice blog post written for this evening - not the nostalgia one I had planned - as I'm too tired for that, but just a nice retrospective one about writing and why I write this blog. Anyway like a total stupidgirl I accidently deleted the entire thing - and then the autosave saved the blank version - thanks blogger!

There's no point crying over lost words, I'm too tired for that, so I'm just going to summarise, in bullet points, what I said. Just for entertainment, sorry if you feel this is a cop out but I really wanted to write something tonight as I am going away tomorrow + won't have a chance to blog again until the weekend.

  • I started blogging in 2009 for no apparent reason 'cept I felt I needed to write. I wasn't really sure why and I'm still not. I don't think what I have to say is all that interesting and there are many people who are much more articulate but for some reason I'm still here
  • The snippet of book I posted last week is from a thriller I started working on last year involving twin girls, multiple personality disorder + a serial killer obsessed with nursery rhymes. I got way too bogged down with over-thinking the book and gave up after 5k words. 
  • I used work and rock climbing as a substitute for writing. This does not work. Especially when you read around 2 books per week like I do. That little voice in your head is saying "writewritewrite". It's kind of hard to ignore so...
  • I woke up with an entire book plot in my head in August 2010. I kind of fooled around with some character sketches and bits + pieces but not more than around 2k words. I left it.
  • Then a "friend" mentioned NaNoWriMo, I thought fuck it, I can write 50k words, doesn't mean it'll be any good. So I did. So we're here and I have 50k words of "book"
  • I plan to use this blog to encourage me to write regularly and come february I hope to have enough confidence to finish my Nano book. I need to write around another 30k words.
  • My future plans for this blog involve writing mini essays on subjects that interest me like Nostalgia and Chocolate and Generation Y etc. I will also keep on doing my weekend lists and random book reviews and generally waffling on as you guys seem to like it and I want to keep you happy.
  • I also plan to do some interviews with people I find interesting, so twitter peeps this means you These will be a little like the Observer's `This Much I Know I True. If you would be happy to be interviewed DM me or tweet me or comment below.
So that's pretty much it for tonight, just one more thing. Here's a tiny snippet from my nano book for you - don't forget, it's totally unedited, all errors are MINE!
Nano Snippet

Sometimes I feel as if my brain is atrophying, there is just a white void in my skull where the knowledge should be. I feel hungry for something, but I’m not sure what. It’s like having a word right on the tip of your tongue but it just being out of reach. I see things, I hear conversations, read the odd paper and it stirs me up but again, that sensation of something sliding out of my grip. I don’t have to think any harder than how to please Michael and dullness of this is starting to terrify me. I think maybe the medication isn’t working anymore. At the Convent they started us on the medication as soon as we arrived. Just a little, white, round pill, no markings nothing – it’s your medication, take it, the nuns would say. And being good girls we’d wash it down with our morning juice.


  1. Interesting. An unreliable narrator, perhaps?

    Oh, and I'd love to be interviewed, of course! (Is it bad form to be the first to stick your hand up?)

  2. Thanks, I would love to interview you, your blog + activities sound v. interesting. Over the next week or so I am going to do a guinea pig interview (she knows who she is) and then I will be in touch (will prob DM you on Twitter)

    Thanks again!


  3. i don't tweet, I don't blog - does this make me a totally pointless interviewee??!

    And I'd like to read your Nano novel when its done...

    Loops x

  4. Nope, I wld love to interview you too loops. I'm going to do the guinea pig on Friday and then see how we go from there!! xx PS We'll see about the Nano novel wahh