15 Jan 2011

Fun In The Snow - a photo essay

I write a lot, so here are some pictures for you instead, taken when it snowed in London in December. It was so magical out, I couldn't resist snapping away with the little camera on my BlackBerry. Hope you like them!


  1. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous!
    (and now you're closer to your 500 views, right?)
    Definitely worth the visit here.
    Thanks for the beautiful shots...
    (I live in southern California so - enough said.)

  2. Thanks!!! Glad you liked the photos. Am going to try + do a photo essay every couple of weeks just for variety. I envy you in South California tho, sounds heavenly. Do you get to go to the beach + sit in the sun ALL THE TIME? Although I do love snow too. How is your writing coming along?

  3. Gorgeous snowy shots. Really magical

  4. Glad you liked + thanks for taking the time to comment! It was indeed very magical whilst it lasted, like being in Narnia!

  5. Lovely photos! I can hear the silence in them.

  6. It was very quiet in places - like being in an Emily Dickinson poem! Other parts were noisier as kids sledged down the hill + people were snow boarding! Plus we also had the obligatory snow ball fight!