17 Jan 2011

Bed Surfing When You're Sick

So, brain is still full of fog + dust bunnies as well as my sinuses appearing to be full of quick set cement. I have the world's heaviest face.

I was too tired to even tweet this morning. I had a 3 hour nap which was full of disturbing dreams (note to self, do not take paracetamol on an empty stomach). Since then I have been reading random blogs on the interweb. Here are some that I liked:

Slating SATC2 - warning, this is brutal. It's therefore excellent. Don't get me wrong, I liked the SATC tv show but the movies SUCKED ASS. Big fat ass. Sorry ladies.
Slating Liz Jones'  er, as the link says really.
Daily Mash article spoofing said Liz Jones' article (other good Daily Mash stuff about sex here and on Sarah Palin here)

#savelibraries in top 5 worldwide trends on Twitter was picked up by the Grauniad
Toryboy is sick Lucy Mangan's hilarious article about her sick husband. Man-flu shman flu. "Get Better! Hurry Up!" (i do see the irony in posting this seeing as I am, myself, sick - but i do not require triangular sandwiches, I am merely an *angry* sick person)

Gah, that's enough ranty blogging. Hope you liked the amusing list from yesterday. If you missed it, it's here

Finally, when I was lying in bed with the duvet OVER my head, before dozing off, the following poem came into my head. At the time I thought it was a work of unmitigated genius. Now I see it is the clearly the ramblings of a person made slightly mental by a cold and (yet again) taking paracetamol on an empty stomach. Enjoy the nonsense:

Nonsense Pretentious Poem I Wrote When Sick
"Sometimes - the voices in my head
Go silent - when this happens
It is like a blanket of snow across
my unconscious. I'm not sure
if this is a gag or a
fresh start"

Thank you + good night

Stupidgirl has left the building


  1. Wahaha. I love pretentious (and yet still good) poetry. And written while ill...how Byronic! (I am GWTW, by the way. In case you wondered, lol).

  2. How can you not love a girl who calls herself a twat on Twitter?
    I can't wait for your new blog post.
    (don't be so hard on yourself, friend!)

  3. Claude - I knew you were GWIW wahhhh! Yes I was channelling Byron, exactly. I was surrounding by attractive women peeling grapes!

    Julie - thank hon, you're so lovely! Hope all's good with you + that you like the new post x