16 Jan 2011

Laughter Is The Best Medicine - Top 10 funny sites

I'm sick, in bed. I've made stupidboy sing "Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty" to me (NB If you don't know this song you need to check out The Big Bang Theory) My throat feels like it's lined with razor blades.

But, it's sunday - list day (check out previous lists here, here, here, and the original here.) Even though my brain is full of fog + dust bunnies, here is this week's list - the theme of which is my favouritest amusing websites. 

If you're anything like me, something silly + juvenile is just what you need on a sunday night or a monday morning (or in fact anytime) to pep you up! Equally it might be just the trick to keep you procrastinating away just a little longer! 

**warning: some of these sites contain very juvenile, silly humour, do not look if you think you might be offended - unlikely if you're reading this blog though!**

Amusing websites - in no particular order:

Catalogue Living this genius little site demonstrates neatly what the people in your home furnishing catalogues get up to when you're not looking. Very, very silly but very droll.
Hungover Owls er, like Lol Catz but funnier and with owls. Thanks for @AliaMck for originally showing this to me + for @Leopardprintlou for reminding me of it.....

Shit My Kids Ruined equally parts funny, terrifying and an effective contraceptive for those who don't have kids. Maybe less funny for those with kids - or not?

Failblog The first of 2-3 classic comedy sites on this list. I've tried to stay away from the most common sites but even if you're a regular visitor to this one, it's always got something funny on it!

If You Like It So Much Why Don't You Go Live There well, as well as winning the award for longest funny site title in this list, this is a good site for those of you who like reading funny complaints letters+completely irrational comments in the Daily Fail. It is a little more.....intellectual...than previous sites so you might need to switch your brain 'on' for this one.

Rude Food Names ahem, Jussi Pussi rolls anyone? Arson Fire sauce? No? What about a nice glass of Ass instead. All of these and other ridiculously named food + beverages from around the world can be found on this amusing little blog. Bon appetit!

Lamebook Another classic that most of you are probly familiar with but still worth cringe-makingly amusing look at some of the awful status updates out there. People - please always double check and remember that someone, somewhere, will have screen grabbed your embarrassing moment for posterity!

Overheard in New York a hysterical blog full of mind-bogglingly bizarre quotes overheard in New York.  If you want a plateful of craziness, this site has it. Love it!

Awkward Family Photos We've all been there - the crazy sweater your grandma knitted, the over-familiar uncle, the weird cousin in the corner - well now you can submit photographic evidence of these gatherings to the interweb, as indeed have many other people. Laugh at their mistakes - and then go home + burn the family photo albums.

DamnYouAutoCorrect "Penis Butter" "Glasses in your Orifice" For the true definition of PMSL and "Can't. Breathe.Laughing.Too.Hard", visit this site if you haven't already. Run, don't walk. 

Enjoy! I'll be back during the week with a Word of the Week, a post on Nostalgia and a *new* photo essay seeing as the snow one went down so well. Thanks for all the views + comments guys, hope this post pleases you.

Thank you + good night,

Stupidgirl has left the building

EDITED TO ADD....(Jan 2012)
I just wanted to add one more site that is currently making me giggle a lot..


  1. I always love to read Lamebook....have you also tried the FML site? Very amusing!

  2. Hungover Owls is awesome! Check out Cynanide and Happiness for disturbing, un-PC cartoons.

  3. I have seen FML and it was a contender for the list *but* it just didn't make me laugh out loud the way some of these did!! Cried with laughter at some of them.

    Yes Hungover Owls is indeed awesome and just discovered that they are on twitter @HungoverOwls yippee! Will check out your recommend ta x

  4. I've just gone on to Hungover Owls - which is odd as I was sat earlier, er, contemplating life, and I could hear an owl (breed unknown) a'ootin and a'hollerin (ok, just hooting) outside the bathroom window. Fabulous sound to hear in the wild, but now I'm thinking will that same owl be hungover tmrw morning??

    Thanks for sharing, am away to read your blog properly now!

    Loops xxx

  5. Nice list!

    Haven't used it, but just came across a reference to the Kitten-Block add-on for Firefox:


    Replaces the angry-making Daily Mail and Daily Express websites with a soothing selection of tea and kittens from www.teaandkittens.co.uk.


  6. Wow that is so cool. Alia is here and we are so checking that out! Glad you liked the list. Thanks for commenting x