26 Mar 2011

Fun in the Sun - A Photo essay

Morning all, hope it's lovely where you are - it's semi-sunny here. Anyway, just a quick blog post this morning. Last September husbando and I went to Sorrento in Italy for a week of hiking and relaxing. We stayed in a fab hotel - and had a great time! Here are some snaps for you.

So thats it, hope you like the photos!

Thank you and goodnight

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  1. Oooh, Sorrento is where me & the Missus spent our honeymoon. It is gorgeous. I did abandon her at dinner to go to the live screening of Ireland V Italy in the piazza. Thought she should be given an insight into what lay ahead... Though she had last laugh, I no longer am into sport. Tough break for her is however, one of our sons is more of a fanatic than I ever was! The apple seed doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.

    Marc Nash

  2. Was one of them a true, Catholic religious apparition, or was there an actual statue in that grotto? Great shots of the bay. What was the town like?. any pics of la strada rustica? Everyone loves Italy. I'm like the only 1 in my family who's never been......YET. Where IS Sorrento? I'm good with maps, but I can't remember. thanks