15 Mar 2011

Fun with Food - A silly photo essay

Right, I'd like to apologise for the state of this photo essay in advance. I had planned to take a photo of *everything* i ate in one week - a sort of visual food diary - in order to make myself stop eating so much crap. Unfortunately hunger appeared to come before art and by the time I remember to take a picture of the food, I'd er....eaten it . So in order not to appear too much like a weird human form of The Very Hungry Caterpillar I took some pictures of food but also pictures of condiments I like and also some pictures of the pancake day part I went to.

I then had a go at mutilating said pictures with Picasa. Here are the results. All a bit odd, but it was fun eating the food and playing with picasa. Please tune in on saturday when normal photo essay service will be resumed by someone who can actually take photos!

So there you go - if you want a guide to the pics, here it is:
1) Muesli (Dorset Cereal Fruity stuff)
2) Calzone from La Casita
3) Chocolate/jam/syrupy loveliness for pancakes
4) Pancakes!
5) Sugar + Lemon + bowl of cream
6) My favourite condiments: ketchup, mustard, maple syrup, soy sauce + chocklit sauce mmmmm
7) My fruit bowl with bananas and plums in
8) Squirty cream! Or FSC as some people know it (@aliamck am looking at you)
9) Er, somewhere in there is my wine glass, husbando's beer bottle and beer in a glass
10) Yummy New Covent Garden Soup (flavour of the month, `Goa Carnival', it's delish)

That's all for now, I'll be back tomorrow with WoTW which is `Identity` and an interview on friday, a guest photo essay on saturday and my Top 10 Eighties Choons on sunday. Have a good one y'all

Thank you and good night,

Stupidgirl has left the building


  1. Liked the condiments. Very Warhol meets Jasper Johns meets Jackson Pollock. Banana bowl echoed Dali-esque themes and imagery. Maplethorpe made quite a splash photographing plants and edibles, so keep it up. How bout fast-food vignettes? Not as advertisers see them, but as they truly are?

  2. you went processing mad woman! Could hardly tell it was food. Very arty but I thought I was going to drool.

    There is a reason my arse is the size of a continent... LoL


  3. Seen worse 'works of art' than these command silly money. Perhaps you can interest a Russian billionaire in your own 'unmade bed' a la Tracey Emin?

    80's chunes? You were but a child then!

  4. Interesting photos! My favourites are the calzone, pancakes and condiments - I guess I'm a black-and-white kind of girl...


  5. Awesome - glad you all liked them in the end!!

    Caroline - did you spot your handiwork in there! The condiments pics is my favourite too.

    I shall have more fun playing with picasa :)

  6. Love 1, 6 & 7. The muesli looks like it's been hit by an alien ray gun! :-)