13 Mar 2011

The Perfect Fit - My Top 10 Fave Movie Soundtracks

I was recently dragged to the IMAX to see Tron: Legacy. I'm not a big fan of what I call `spaceship boy films` so I wasn't really looking forward to it all that much - I've fallen asleep watching every recent Star Wars movie! Anyway, I'd heard the soundtrack was pretty hot so i just hoped that at least I might like that. Well fuck me sideways - the soundtrack absolutely BLEW me away. I couldn't stop raving about it to everyone I saw. The music perfectly fitted the futuristic style of the film and I absolutely loved it. In fact I can't stop playing it on my Spotify library. So I thought hey, why not do a top 10 movie soundtrack list.

Just to clarify, I've tried not to choose movies where the soundtrack is associated with just one particular song but instead chosen films where the entire soundtrack, IMO, perfectly matches the entire mood and tone of the movie. In fact of the soundtracks listed below I own seven of them - on either CD/iTunes/spotify. If I don't own them, its because I already have the majority of the tracks on other collections.

Now, as you might know, I don't have the greatest taste in music (check here, here and here for previous form!) so please don't be offended if your favourites aren't on here, but hopefully it'll inspire you to check out some new tunes. Therefore in no particular order, here's my list :P

Top 10 Favourite Movie Soundtracks

1) Tron (Daft Punk)  - as I've raved about above really. I can't say much more but apart from picking out a few of my *fave* tracks with links so you can check them out  Tron Legacy (end titles) /End of Line/Derezzed/Flynn Lives, this OST gives me a total ear-gasm!

2) The Social Network (Trent Reznor + Atticus Ross) This recently won an Oscar, so I'm not alone in thinking the music is genius, but then I'd expect nothing less when the god that is Trent Reznor is involved. I'd say my fave tracks are Hand Covers Bruise /A Familiar Taste - both creepy and beautiful at the same time sososososo good! The movie itself is surprisingly watchable, with some excellent performances, notably from Jesse Eisenberg playing Mark Zuckerberg.

3) Gladiator (Hans Zimmer/Lisa Gerrard) Given I'm a Classics BA Hons grad, it's not a *total* surprise that I love this film and plus, one of my now sadly deceased professors advised on the film itself. I could waffle on about the Gladiator module I studied at uni but instead I'll just say that this is a beautifully relaxing soundtrack (if you like LOTR/Moby) you'll like this. My fave tracks are Elysium/Now We Are Free

4) Dirty Dancing (various artists) Okay, I'm a girly girl, I make no bones about it. There will be no piss-taking about this entry. I love DD. I have a HUGE crush on the god that was Patrick Swayze (check out another movie he appears in below). It's a great feel good retro film and I am a complete sappy romantic so it's perfect for me! As well as having some great dance-to-tracks my favourite songs from here are the lovely + romantic These Arms of Mine (Otis Reading)/Cry to Me (Solomon Burke) Sorry I know I've put a film clip in but it's lovely - indulge me! Finally I have to add Be My Baby (the Ronettes)  - plus if you've not heard it, be sure to check out the Amy Winehouse/Mutya Buena version of this!

5) Trainspotting (various artists) I don't know what I can say about this fucking great film that hasn't already been said but IMO this is the perfect marriage of film + music. Just.So.Good. Arghhhh Fave tracks have got to be Lust for Life (Iggy Pop)/Born Slippy (Underworld) because they are just inextricably linked with this film in my head. I get a rush of exhilaration just hearing these songs!

6) Point Break (various artists) Okay this OST is just jam-packed full of big haired cheesy 80's rock. I'd not heard of any of these bands before I got the soundtrack - aside from Sheryl Crow. The music is so naff but it really makes me smile - particularly Nobody Rides for Free (Ratt)  but also the beautiful Hundreds of Tears (Sheryl Crow) from her 1992 unreleased first album. PS Yes I know Patrick Swayze is in this film also mmmmmmm :P

7) The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert I just love this film. It's awesome. I've not seen the stage show though. The whole film makes me laugh + cry. Plus the opportunity to see Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) from the Matrix in drag is pretty cool. Lots of funky disco on this OST but you can't beat their version of I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor - as if you didn't know!) and Shake your groove Thing

8) Romeo + Juliet (various artists). You can always tell if a girl was a teenager in the late 90's by whether she owns a copy of this OST! I think all my friends have it - such a classic movie, Baz Luhrmann is a freakin genius, even though I'm not a Leo diC fan (prefer Tybalt + Balthasar!) There's lots of classic indie stuff on here (Garbage/Mundy/Everclear/Radiohead) I actually prefer the juxtaposition of the tragic disco classic Young Hearts Run Free (Candi Staton) and the wonderful choral/dance mashup version of Prince's When Doves Cry (Quindon Tarver).

9) The Beach – Okay firstly I *hate* with a passion Pure Shores by All Saints. So we're pretending that's not on this awesome trippy gritty trancey album. Other than that, the OST rocks. Again a movie with Leo DiC in - and he's not all bad in it - but the soundtrack really made this movie for me. In particular I love the soothing Spinning Away (Sugar Ray) / Brutal (New Order)/Snakeblood (Leftfield)

10) Top Gun (Various artists) Gotta finish with some cheese and nothing compares to the homoerotic bromance mix that is Top Gun, with it's wonderful Joey-from-friends `Smell the fart acting`. Check it out, there's loads! Anyway an awesome 80's soundtrack - obviously there's Berlin's Take My Breath Away, The Final Countdown and (ick) The Power of Love. However you cannot beat a bit of Kenny Loggins` Danger Zone and the awesomeness that is Starship's Nothings Gonna Stop Us (this is one of my fave all time 80's songs!! - and I've chosen the vid from Mannequin for some variety LOL)

So that's the list - got to give honorable mentions to LOTR, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Cocktail, Lost In Translation, Juno, Twilight, Mamma Mia, Thelma + Louise (The Ballad of Lucy Jordan kicks ass) and the wonderfulness that is Muriel’s Wedding. I know that there are just so many more out there - lots of nominations from the twitter peeps including Disney (Lion King, Little Mermaid) plus lots of Tarentino, Natural Born Killers, musicals (sound of music) It's pretty much a total mix!

Anyway I'll be back early in the week with a food-related photo essay plus WoTW, a friday interview and another photo essay! Hope you all have a good one :)

Thank you and good night

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  1. Didn't know Tron was by Daft Punk. Now I HAVE to check that out! Oh and Dirty dancing OST is fab yeah, I play it often :D

  2. Great list. Oddly though I'm not a Gladiator fan despite loving Lord of the Rings. I also don't own a copy of the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack ;p

  3. The Gladiator soundtrack is, I'm pretty sure, the only movie soundtrack I actually own. Hans Zimmer is a fucking genius. Great list!

  4. ANYTHING with Ronnie Spector is the best. She (of the Ronettes) was married to Phil Spector, THE most talented convicted felon/rock producer in the world, originator of the 'wall of sound.' Lots of later works (some in Dirty Danncing + others) continue that style. Great picks. How bout some of the classic, golden age films, such as 1930's era ROBIN HOOD, GWTW, 1040's KINGS ROW and the '60's DOCTOR ZHIVAGO + EXODUS? Those scores verge on the classical and are definitely worth googling. Gotta tell you, I like 'Ten Bests...' They're addictive.

  5. or this!!!!

    each character has a theme tune. John Williams Legend

  6. I really need to get out more, or at least rent more movies from Netflix--I only saw one of these movies, and never heard of the others! And I didn't recognize most of the artists, even though I listen to music almost every minute of the day! I thought I was really mixing up my classic rock/soft rock with some modern music, but not so much I guess! This post was an education for me!

  7. yeah! Little Mermaid still got a mention. Forgot all about Top Gun, Trainspotting and R&G.

    ** Goes to rake through old CDs to see what else I have **

    Fran (Cheska)

  8. Love Dirty Dancing, Priscilla and R+J, although I was a bit past my teenage years when it came out :) Loved the interactive CDROM that R+J came out on as well.

    Another great soundtrack is from The Delinquents, which starred Kylie Minogue and Charlie Schlatter.

  9. Love the Tron Legacy soundtrack especially "End of line". Love that phasey synth riff in it.
    Also give Trainspotting soundtrack a thumbs up... and don't tell anyone else, but Kenny Loggins Dangerzone and Footloose are a couple of guilty secrets of mine. :-)

  10. Dooba - buy it buy it buy it, it's so awesome!
    KT - it's great isn't it, so soothing and uplifting IMO

    Gary - well aside from telling everyone who reads my blog, no one will *ever* know LOL :P

    Mark -AWESOME link wahhhhh! Love it. Top Gun is so cool

    Nicole - I will check out The Delinquents, thanks :)

    Thanks for reading and thanks for all the comments!!

    SG x