1 Mar 2011

Fun with Brighton + Dogs - A late photo essay

It's been a few weeks since I've done a photo essay so I'm a bit rusty! Having said that I thought I'd take advantage of a a day trip to Brighton to see the parentals to practice my snapping. I also got to spend a little quality time with their pampered pooch Archie. (I did have some video of me talking absolute gibberish to Archie but after extensive consultation it was decided that it was not fit for public consumption.)

Anyway here are the picture of Brighton first:

I loved the patterns of the roof of the station, hence the pictures, and the shoes I saw about 2 foot apart from each other on the pavement - none of them matching! You can tell that Brighton is a student town :). The last picture was taken from the train on the way home with my blackberry.

Finally here are a few cheeky snaps of Archie with his bone:

I'll be back tomorrow with WoTW (Method) and an interview on friday! Thanks so much for all your funny comments + tweets on my Top 10 Embarrassing tracks post yesterday - I listened to them all day today!

Thank you and good night

Stupidgirl has left the building

PS Well done if you spotted the sneaky picture of St Pauls in amongst the Brighton snaps :)


  1. Love the architectural shots! Disappointed not to see the Doggy Style salon immortalised though!

  2. That first photo is ace - where is it? Is that the station?

  3. Hey love,

    I know shit about photography :D Sorry :D But I must say I like them. I look at photographs and don't judge them by complicated sounding terms such as bokeh and saturation, but if I can see the story behind them. And with all your pics (well except those of the dog :D) I could image a story behind it. A one shot, a drabble. Fun things by the way, photo drabbles. To practise your writing, your mate (bestie, whatever, someone who you do this with :D) gives you a picture and you write a very short story, a fragment, to it. You do the same for your mate. It's always fun and can help both your writing skills and the way you see pictures. Like I said, I could write a oneshot for each of them. Easily. And to me, this means that you've taken wonderful images of the world around you :D

    Lovely work :)

  4. Loved the photos! And the dog is adorable :))