7 Feb 2011

Fun With Stupidgirl - A Day in the Life

As I've been promising for awhile, here are a bunch of pictures that I snapped whilst I was out + about, doing my daily stuff. There's tube signs, alcohol, food, books, my laptop, shopping, bath stuff and one of me doing karaoke.... enjoy :)

Doing my bit to save libraries down in Brixton (more info here)

A few arty buildings

At the climbing wall!

Eating, drinking + getting out and about

My stuff!

I know the pics weren't quite so arty this week, but thought you'd like a little glimpse into my life - especially the climbing pics, as a lot of you ask me about that. Watch out for some special, climbing related posts coming up in the next few weeks!

Thanks also for all your lovely comments + views of yesterday's poetry list - hope you like next sunday's top 10 just as much.

Thank you and goodnight,

Stupidgirl has left the building


  1. Oh my goodness, how long are your legs?! I have leg envy! Kat xx

  2. The burger and chips look amazing! *salivates*

  3. I love the day in the life thing, it makes me feel like I "know" you more than I did.

    Great stuff and yes legs! How long?

  4. Loved the snaps 'underneath the arches.' Love nighttime urban scenes like that. Kareoke (spelled right?) shot was great. Wasn't Bovril some old soap from the '30's? It was strange seeing your computer, the font of all this, like looking at sommebody's brain. that shot of the burger and chips looked really tempting....I think you have another follower in Philadelphia, because I can swear that a couple seated a few feet away just scrolled through the same shots. I could say something, but maybe they'd think I was a tweet-looker. Sometimes the starbucks set can be funny that way. I'll wait and see....

  5. Kat + Jo - I am 5'8 so I have to have longish legs. Everyone seems to have commented on that wahhhhh but thanks, I'll take it as a compliment. To me, they're just legs! (34in inside measurement if you're interested) Am glad you liked the pics anyway + feel you know me better. I do tbh spend a lot of time on the sofa reading + being cuddled by OH but I don't have any pics ofthat!

    Will - It was weird snapping pics of my Bberry + netbook - it is the control room for my blogging/social networking, so yes my brain. Wow, I wonder if that couple were looking at the pics?!! How funny. Thanks for commenting + checking out the blog as ever

  6. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life

    - and for doing your part for libraries.

    You're looking hot, lady!

    Keep it up ~