19 Feb 2011

Fun with Japan - A Guest Photo Essay!

Happy Saturday lovely viewers - regulars and newbies! Hope you're doing well. I am very excited about this week's photo essay as I'm able to feature the work of a very talented guest photographer and blogger - the lovely Graffiti Living. If you've not checked out his blog or followed him on twitter, I urge you to do so. (PS In case you missed it, here's last week's valentine's themed photo essay)

Anyway let's get on with the show - today's picture essay theme is simply `Japan`. I think James would be the first to admit that he's a little nuts about Japan - and if you read his blog, you'll definitely know that. These pictures give such a wonderful flavour of an amazing place - and also show just how talented James is, so grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy!

Creative Commons License

Amazing stuff there. If you'd like to do a photo essay one week, please do get in touch - either through the comments bit on here, or over on twitter @stupidgirl45 - I'd love to feature your work if I can. 

In the meantime, tune in tomorrow for my Top 10 Favourite Works of art, in case you missed it, last week's top indie love songs caused quite a debate. I'll then be back midweek with WoTW and an interview with Emlyn Chand on friday. Plus don't forget - I'm being interviewed live on Twitter - 9pm UK time on Tuesday 22nd. Follow #emlyn to check it out + ask me questions of your own :)

Thank you and good night

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  1. Yay Japan! I'm not so keen on the busy modern city stuff, but the statues, temples, etc are amazing.

    I loved this temple when I was there, but you have to see it in person to really appreciate the scale. Apparently it's the largest wooden building in the world (geeky structural engineer here...)



  2. Gorgeous pictures. Just lovely. I can't take a good picture to save my life...

    Luckily, no one's ever forced me to ;-)