5 Mar 2011

Fun with Jewellery - A Guest Photo Essay from Katie Vale Design

I have some really talented friends and I love to feature their work where I can - either through word of mouth, on Twitter - and now on my blog.

Much as I did with my interview with Liz, where she came back to do a guest photo essay, I invited last night's interviewee (victim?!) jewellery designer Katie Vale to send me over some photos for a photo essay today. I hope you like her pictures - she's one talented lady :)

Finally here's a couple of picture of the lovely Katie herself - well her amazing tattoo and a dress she designed herself!

I hope you've liked today's photo essay, you can visit Katie's website here for more information on her work. In the meantime don't forget to tune in tomorrow night for a bumper Top 10 list, my top kids books - lots of nostalgia involved there. I know I was supposed to do my favourite childhood memories but pretty much all of them involved a book, so I decided to cut out the middle man as it were :)

Have a lovely weekend all.

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PS If you'd like to do a photo essay please just comment or get in touch on twitter/facebook.


  1. Thank you for featuring this. It's great to see :-)

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