27 Apr 2009

Generationwhynot Official Soundtrack

Some clever clogs shoe ad (clarks maybe?) once had the strapline, *life is a catwalk, walk it*. Which I think is a good idea - and certainly, round here that advice is taken to heart. South London is like a permanent fashion show. And when you're wearing 4inch heels - which I do, a lot - who said tall girls shouldn't wear heels, what a load of shyte, who wants to look stumpy with flippers for feet - life is just so much better. It's impossible to feel fat in 4in stilletoes.

Anyway getting slightly sidetracked by shoes here. Funny how most women can be divided into tribes by their preference for different accessories. I am most definitely a shoe woman. At last count I had around 30 pairs. But that's nothing - I have a friend who has over 75 pairs and her husband is now forcing her to operate a 1 in 1 out policy with regards to new shoes. How cruel is that!

(.....continuing this post 1 week later.....) this blog post just does not want to be written.... And I really must focus after allowing myself to get side-tracked by shoes. The point of this post was..... (big mental *hoick* back on track)..... the songs that get stuck in our heads - hence the catwalk ramble.....you gotta have good music to walk to.

A random assortment for me, in my head, over the last few days has been......

Fernando - Abba
Born Slippy - Underworld
Whole Again - Radioactive Pussy (if you can't work out which band this is.....)
Hey Baby - No Doubt (NOT f****king DJ Otzi)
I Dreamed a Dream - also Abba..... this is thanks to that bloody BGT Scottish woman being everywhere, although yes, I do know she sang the Les Mis one
Superman - Stereophonics
Keep On Running - Spencer David Group - this one is from going to the marathon to cheer on my dad (impressively for an old git he beat Jordan + Peter Andre)

Anyway it is funny isn't it how songs just get stuck in our heads. And sometimes most inappropriately so. Ppppppppoker Face has frequently been in my head as I walk in the door to work purely because the loo paper masquerading as daily news has had coverage of Lady Blah blah's previous wardrobe trauma. So there I am singing Ppppppoker Face all day.

Another highly addictive track - I Kissed A Girl - Katie Perry. Now I am not slagging off Katie Perry, I love her. I think she is a lovely little poppette. But a ditty about lipstick lesbianism is not something you really want going round and round and round in your head ad infinitum during a finance meeting.

And all these songs going round in our heads make up the soundtrack to our lives. A complete mix - that can keep you going when you thought you'd have to stop walking.

So anyway, I thought - in the spirit of missing out on list night, I would put together a list of tracks comprising the OST for this blog! Listen to them while you read and its like I'm there, with you.

Creepy isn't it hahahahah

Track 1 Just a Girl - no doubt (gotta love Gwen S, before she SOLD OUT)
Track 2 All Is Full of Love - Bjork. its just beautiful and chilled
Track 3 Street Spirit - Radiohead
Track 4 - Umbrella - Manic Street Preachers
Track 5 - Starlight - Muse
Track 6 - Slide Away - Oasis
Track 7 - Come As You Are - Nirvana
Track 8 - The Ballad of Lucy Jordan - Marianne Faithful (from the end of Thelma + Louise)Track 9 - Looks Like Chaplin - Stereophonics
Track 10 - Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones
Track 11 - Queer - Garbage
Track 12 - Road Rage - Catatonia
Track 13 - .......... stupid girl garbage

I guess really thats the soundtrack to me. And to sum it up, the most romantic thing that was never said to me - *I wanna be the song you hear in your head* - U2.

Thats all for now. Thank you and good night.

Stupidgirl has left the building

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