10 Apr 2009

Insert entertaining and witty post title here, with suitable easter based innuendo.

Wow, a 2nd post in less than 24 hours. Which is pretty stupid of me, as I am entirely unsure what I am going to write about now. It's not like a lot has happened since I posted last night.

Today I have gotten up (after SB woke me up to tell me that we need to get up and go to Wales - currently still at home, SB at gym.....) anyway, I've gotten up, showered + dressed (which I always like to consider an achievement) and cleaned up the kitchen, the sitting room + the bathroom and done some laundry (well I took it off the airer + stuck it in the basket on its 2 week long journey back into my closet). And then got stuck talking to the little people in my (head), sorry I mean my computer, again. But hey, its raining and its Good Friday. All I have to do is pack my suitcase and trundle down to Holland + Barrett to buy some iron supplements.

Holland + Barrett is my new favourite shop. no longer do I pledge my allegiance to Waterstones, or New Look, or Primarni. No, a health food store. It has supplements for everything. I feel like there must a supplement to cure, for example, my complete inabillity to drink everything in my glass (unless its alcoholic, no probs there). Or to cure my inability to accessorise correctly, or my addiction to chocolate. Did you know that sea kelp makes your hair grow thicker + shiner (just like a horse...) - I am scoffing this at regular intervals during the day, yet cannot remember to take my epilepsy medication without several reminders. Although clearly my priorities are correct - hair before health? Plus I do love my local Holland + Barrett - who clearly know a sucker bride-to-be when they see one (perhaps they have a little alert and a list of over-priced, ridiculous supplements comes up on the till?) - as when I ventured in to purchase said Sea Kelp, the lady at the till told me my ring (engagement ring) was beautiful but I looked tired and did I need some Vitamin B something or other..... or some manuka honey? WTF is Manuka Honey anyway. Really, honey is honey is sugar is something I spread on toast and become addicted to.

And i don't need to become addicted to anything else. You do know about my terrible biscuit addiction. As SB well knows, I will do anything for a decent biscuit - read anything you like into that statement, that was my intent. At this point I can highly recommend Fox's biscuits. After many taste tests, they are the clear winner on the high streeet as to best quality chocolate biccies. Closely followed by the posh foreign ones with dark chocolate and then Jaffa Cakes - which with only 1 gram of fat per cake, mean you can eat a whole box in one go and not feel guilty.

Anyway my new addiction is to alcohol. Not in an AA/trendy hollywood way, but in a discovered-new-alcoholic-beverage-feel-the-need-to-tell-everyone. It is..... Gordon's Sloe Gin. Apparently this has been around for years - kind of Grandmothers ruin. But it is bloody yummy. A good measure of this with some OJ causes a very pleasant mellow sensation. And it doesn't have all the wankiness associated with wine. I don't know about you but I never get a (puts on plummy voice) *smells of straw and autumn and dog shit and tastes of apples and berries and breast milk* thing going on with wine. Its bloody wine, just goddamn drink it. It's either nice or not nice and, after 2 bottles, has the same effect on you anyway!

Other things on my mind today are - why is packing so boring and difficult? It is, even when you're only going to your inlaws for a few days. Why is it never sunny on the bank holiday? Is it a rule? Have I lost the plot re: interesting topics for this post? Can i justify taking a packet of mini eggs in the car with me to wales even though I've only been to the gym once this week.
Does anyone else get diet denial? As in, I know I'm supposed to be eating well + exercising but I really can't seem to get my (fat, cellulitey) ass in gear. Mini eggs are so much nicer - and the bigger bags are heavy, so in effect its like weight lifting.

I really do have to get off this blog. Aside from the fact this wins my award for most boring blog post ever, I really should do some packings. Enjoy the sloe gin + mini eggs. Thank you and good night.

Stupidgirl has left the building

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