26 Jun 2011

If Money Was No Object - Top 10 Things I Want for My Birthday

As I've heavily hinted, it's my 30th birthday next month. Rather frustratingly, very few people have asked me what I want (hint hint) - how uncaring of you, don't your lives revolve around my birthday?

Anyway, to make shopping easier for all of you, I thought I'd pull together a list of things I'd reeeeeeally like for my birthday. However please be aware that some of these presents aren't really grounded in reality or even the contents of anyone's wallet.....

1) The Musical One - so yes, I would like if everyone who follows me, who is also on Spotify (and if you're not, why not, even my mum is) could send me a song that they think I would like. Then I would have a ginormous new playlist of songs! (kudos to @petercrosby for always sending me new tracks via spotify)

2) The Sparkley One - I would really like a diamond solitaire pendant necklace. Ideally - let's be honest here - it'd be a 1 carat diamond. However, in the name of women's lib and not needing anyone to buy me diamonds, I did promise myself, years ago, that if I ever got a book published, I'd buy myself a diamond pendant. Even if it was just a tiny diamond. Whatever. You get the point.

3) The DW/Blogger One - I'd love to have a massive blogging/DW (my online forum) meet up. With cake. And gin. And @luckyvoice would love to host it I'm sure. There's loads of bloggers out there I'd love to meet - you know who you are (hint - check my blog roll). It'd be sooooooooooo much fun!

4) The Dressing Up One - I'd like to do a rock the frock shoot with @aliamck and the photographer would absolutely have to be ElizaClaire. I have a kind of trashy-street theme for it - lots of neon, graffiti, urban-ness to clash with our uber glam frocks. And then put all the piccies in a book! Yes please.

5) The Writing One - this one is semi-serious. I'd like to go on a nice, writing retreat for the weekend, ideally in a nice spa hotel also....in the middle of the countryside. With yummy food and wine and lovely people. And if I could specify the teachers also........(btw if anyone really does have any recommends for writing retreats, let me know)

6) The Furry One - A direwolf. Y'know, like in A Game of Thrones. An all white one. Thanks! Or failing that, an airedale puppy. Or a husky. Or any dog really, come to think of it. But one that especially like cuddles and biscuits and walks and being overly loved. woof.

7) The Arm Candy One - a nice (and probably designer) handbag. Yes please. But currently I am undecided as to what I want. I definitely DO NOT want a quilted chanel fing. Eurgh - primarni rip offs are 10 a penny. Nope, I would like one from either Vivienne Westwood, Coach, Coccinelle or Furla. Or all four would be fab, thanks! It doesn't have to cost the same as a small country either.

8) The Dream-Interview-for-the-Blog-One - to interview Margaret Atwood. Not sure I could elaborate any further on this one. I love her books, but she is notoriously fan-shy i believe when it comes to people telling her she's amazing. So I can't see that she'd be overly keen on me sending her an email telling her that I think she's the best thing since sliced bread. Well, the literary version anyway. Who thinks I should tweet her and ask her anyway? Anyone want to start a twitter campaign for me?

9) The Vain One -  A years worth of pedicures. Trashy and frivolous yes. But also entirely neccessary when you look at the state of my tootsies. Climbing shoes are not kind to your feet. I would like to have a fortnightly foot massage + pedicure. In fact, five ten, la sportiva, boreal, maybe you should consider giving away free foot massages with your shoes. Just saying.

10) The Interior Design One - for all the little bits left in our flat to get done. Like the doors painted. And the Bathroom ceiling painted. And blinds in every room would also be good. And some photos on the walls. Oh and a cleaner. Thanks!

So that's it - what's on your birthday list this year? Any other July birthday readers out there? Hope you thought that list was sufficiently interesting. Although I'm highly unlikely to get any of them haha!

I'm making a concerted effort to blog more next week - and I've started to get excited about some new posts, hope you'll like them.

Thank you and good night

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  1. I LOVE your birthday wishlist!!! I hope you at least get a bit of all of your top 10!


  2. cheekymonkey/abodago27 June 2011 at 07:33

    Fab list. You have got me thinking for my b'day. Dw meet, retreat and handbag sound do-able and wonderful xx

  3. I dig the list. Can I also make a request for number 1 and 5. They both sound really good about now (and #1 especially since I cannot write a blog post without a song to write by attached) lol

  4. cool list
    you can make No 2 using the diamond in the ring altho it is not 1 carat :(
    re no 5 try Arvon for serious writing retreat without distraction of spas!
    You can't have my Coach bag - yet,anyway. sorry
    Would love No 9 myself:-)

  5. oooh Im right with you there on the writing retreat one....here's where I want my retreat to be (of course to stay for even a week in one of the nicer rooms would require a lottery win at the moment...but us girls can dream cant we??


  6. Love the list! Hope your birthday wishes come true... especially the sparkly one :)

  7. thanks for all the lovely comments folks! I really need to show this list to husbando hahahahhaha

    hope all your bday wishes come true also xx