20 Jun 2011

A Sneaky Tip Toe Back Into the Room

*peeps round the door*

Hello there! Yes! You! You lovely people who have been reading my blog whilst I have been on my hiatus. *semi faints from shock*

Well I'm still under the shit shower but I thought I'd pop in to read all the blogs on my reader and before I knew it, I'd ended up typing out this quick post. I just wanted to share this video....for two reasons.

1) Ueli Steck is awesome and this is awesome/terrifying/stupid/bananas (delete as appropriate)
2) The song, Welcome Home, by Radical Face, is so beautiful. It reminds me of bouldering in Font in the sunshine!

*passes out cake + coffee to enjoy with video*

In other news, I've done lots of reading, lots of climbing (in France, Stanage and London), been to visit uni friends in Nottingham, seen lots of friends' children + babies, done karaoke with a woman who is 8 months pregnant, watched 127 Hours and The Kings Speech. And slept, a lot.

On the plus side, plans for my 30th birthday shindig are coming on apace. Husbando has agreed to wear fancy dress so we're going as Romans - empress and emperor. 

Huh I think that's about it.

Oh and on the music front I have listened to a lot of The Killers, Kings of Leon and Florence + The Machine. It's all good.

Thanks for bearing with me....hopefully normal service will come back in the next week or so. Along with my exciting new logo :)

Thank you and goodnight

Stupidgirl has left the building


  1. Lovely to 'see' you 'back in the room' :D

  2. Nice to see you passing back through. Hope the rubbish eases up soon.