6 Oct 2011

Badgirl Blogger

So I've been very bad and hardly blogged at all recently. I'm really, very, truly sorry. Forgive me? *bats eyelashes winsomely*

I don't even really have a decent excuse. Oh! But, remember the ankle debacle - fell over hiking in august, hurted ankle, cried, resting it. So yah, I like totally like fractured it dudes. (not sure where the valley girl speak just came from). But yes, I've been walking around on a fractured ankle for a month. Cause I'm hard. Sort of. Or maybe it's just not as painful as one might expect. Although I now know why it hurt so much when I went on a trampoline on it!!

I've never fractured anything below, and I got to see my xrays and everything. Very excited indeed.
So i'm resting it and mainlining ibuprofen :P

In other news I've been to gay Paree again (Paris folks) for a lovely work meeting with some drinks after. I'm hoping I didn't talk too much crap. Or worse, attempt to speak french....merde!

And now I'm just chilling out and giggling away at damnyouautocorrect.com

So I promise, this weekend, I'll sort out the blog and actually write some decent posts this month. This post is just to apologise and tide you over. Have fun!

Thank you and goodnight

Stupidgirl has left the building


  1. Would love to hear what a business trip to Paris is like. And are they really so touchy when non French speakers attempt to communicate in their lannguage? Over here, Spanish speaking people LOVE when we make the effort. It's high comedy to them, but they're good natured about it, considering we don't do that much better with English either. I tweet away in Spanish all the time. Occasionally it lapses into Portuguese or Italian (even that Fritalian they speak at Starbucks) but, so what. Who cares? Good to have you back. I put your link in a mini, homemade search engine I started. Hope it guides even more eager readers to your door. Look for it at the bottom of my 10/3 post.

  2. Googled your URL to look for something new. what do you wannt us to do, read some of old stuff? Acchhh! We need out witty, London fix. Go to http://Twitter.com/@EliteTitles .. a 'legit' site that sells so-called actual UK inheritable titles for 1,995 pounds! So if you've ever craved a seat in the H.of L., I suppose that can be arranged.