20 Dec 2011

Shameful Confession #2: "DJ Becky".....

Twice now, in the last two months, some lovely person has invited me to a house party at their place. Yes, I say, how exciting! I plan my outfit in advance and hope I don't get too drunk and embarrass myself, after all, having spent years at university I should know all my drunken little foibles now....(thinking I can sing, thinking I can dance, trying to do a backbend, disappearing from conversations mid-sentence, spilling stuff on myself, eating dodgy food, wearing dodgy clothes....).

Well it seems I have a new drunken bad habit - all thanks to digital music. Yes, when I get drunk, I now think that I am DJ Becky (a name my friend came up with) and commandeer whatever music set up is at the party.....

I've always been quite militant about music - I know what I like, and more importantly I know what I don't like. Now when it comes to parties, it seems I have no patience for any music I deem unworthy. And thanks to ipod, itunes, spotify and the like, it's incredibly easy to commandeer control of the music and line up some more er, "appropriate tunes". I may have added all of the following songs to my friend's spotify playlist this weekend....can I blame the vodka?

1) Unspecified Bon Jovi (who is not dead, contrary to bizarre twitter rumours, see here)
2) Proud Mary - Tina Turner
3) Killing In The Name Of - RATM
4) Dancing on the ceiling - Lionel Richie

None of these songs are particularly bad in their own right - in fact they're pretty good - but mixed in with Christmas music (such was the theme of the party) they might seem a little innapropriate.

At the other party I attended, I was actually asked to bring my ipod and specific reference was made to my 80's playlist. Unfortunately, I *might* have insisted that the playlist go on repeat. Oddly there may have been several comments made about this - particularly around any Madonna tracks - along the lines of "We've already heard this FOUR FUCKING TIMES".

I should also add that another little bad habit of mine, when"DJ-ing", is to get fed up of a track about 1/2 way through and just skip to another one. Apparently this really, really, annoys people. Sorry people.

So this is a warning to anybody who knows me. Do not invite me to your party. If you do, don't let me drink and/or go near the music set up. It'll only end in tears.

To really make the problem worse - or funnier - I'm also known for harrassing real DJ's at clubs to play specific songs. And thinking I'm cool because I'm "hanging around with"  (or, alternately, annoying) the DJ.

Do any of you do this? Is it just me? Are my friends' just stupid for inviting me to their parties?

Thank you and goodnight

Stupidgirl has left the building

PS In my favour, people usually get up and dance to the songs I put on. Whether they are just really hammered and would dance to anything is neither here nor there.....


  1. Proud Mary is retro-dance-club perfection. And Jon Bon Jovi is not dead, but quite in evidence around the Philadelphia/New Jersey area. I think it's Kim Jung IL who died, but I never cared for his stuff anyway.

  2. Totes agree with everything you said dude! Thanks for commenting :)
    SG x