11 Dec 2011

Top 10 Songs of 2011

If last year was the year of me discovering apparently cool bands and only listening to indie stuff and being a bit alternative (Arcade Fire, Muse, Foos) then this year....hasn't.

2011 has been the year of POP (and some other stuff)! From Gaga to Rihanna to Florence and Crystal Castles - and a few other treats - here are my favourite songs that I've listened to non stop in 2011. (Btw they didn't necc. come out this year, but I got into the song this year).

Top 10 Favourite Songs of 2011

1. Radical Face - Welcome Home Son
- a song that reminds me of climbing in France, the link is a climbing video with this song as the soundtrack!

2. Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith - Not In Love
- a new discovery, I just can't stop playing this

3. Lady Gaga ft Beyonce - Telephone
- awesome. that is all. brilliant, brilliant lyrics.

4. M83 - Midnight City
- this song was always played at the start of Made In Chelsea, and I had to look it up. A lot of their other tracks are awesome too, specially Graveyard Girl and Couleurs.

5. MGMT - Electric Feel
- I know, it's an oldie but a goodie and I only heard it this year. It's on my next-book-soundtrack...

6. Rihanna - S+M
- kinky but fab. This song reminds me of this evening out

7. Florence + The Machine - Dog Days
- another song that reminds me of climbing in France again and being in the sunshine :)

8. Adele - Set Fire to the Rain/Someone Like You
- just heartbreakingly beautiful songs.

9. The Killers - This Is Your Life
- as per this lyric day :)

10. Florence + The Machine - You Got The Love
- after this lyric day, I did then go back + listen to Flo's version many, many times :)

Special mentions also have to go to the Tron Legacy OST by Daft Punk *and* the awesome remix version. Plus The Social Network OST. I've also listened to a lot of RATM, Pearl Jam and some Nine Inch Nails. What a year.

What have been your favourite songs this year? Let me know below :)

Thank you + goodnight

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  1. Great post!Love the way you've written about the songs even if I don't share your taste in music and haven't heard of most of them!

  2. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, better run, better run, faster than my bullets...by forest the people (I think)is still hanging on to number 1 in my cerebellum, maybe my brain stem too. been humming that mesmerizing aria for two months. florence and the machine been wormin' her way in there too....NEW TOPIC--- seen HUGO yet? what d'you think about it?