31 May 2012

Magic - word of the week

This is what I want my unborn son to know. Not to think for a second about what other people think, to keep going and never give up. To stay true to himself and to try everything once. To remember that it doesn’t matter what people think you’re capable of, only what you do.

To be happy, to not live in fear or worry or anxiety. It’s really not ever worth it. To remember, even when things seem so dark, that somewhere, somehow, there will be a tiny speck of light. Take hold of that light.  To just be happy with the small things, to see the good in the everyday, the humdrum. It’s hard to do, but it makes life worth living. Life isn’t just about the amazing, earth shattering moments, it’s about the little tiny moments that make up every day.

Life is only worth as much as you make of it, don’t waste it, don’t wait for things to happen. If you want something to happen, make it so. If you wait, nothing happens. Try, just always promise me that you’ll try – you never know what will happen and that way you’ll always be surprised.

Most of all treat other people with respect, you truly will never know what it is like to be someone else or what they’re really going through. It’s hard work to do it, but honestly, kindness and humility are much underrated – but life is worth so little without them. 

Go out of your way to give small kindnesses and I promise you, you’ll get so much back, so much so that you feel selfish to be helping someone because it makes you so happy. Offer your seat, smile at someone, recommend a book, lend a hand. You don’t know what a difference it could make to someone’s life – and it might just save yours.

I wish so much for you, I can’t believe it’s possible to feel like this about someone I haven’t even met yet. Just someone who pokes me in the ribs everyday and yet I can’t believe we have created this whole person inside of me. It’s a little miracle. If anyone tells you magic doesn’t exist, ignore them. I do. After all the same hormones that have made me so sick for months have also been growing tiny eyelashes and toenails. It’s amazing really. I can't wait to meet you when you get here!

Thank you and goodnight

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  1. Wise words. I reckon you'll be a fabulous mum :-D

  2. Awww, this is such a lovely thing to read just before going to bed.

  3. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. xxxxx

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  5. Thank you :) its just what I needed to hear :)

  6. awww thanks for all your lovely comments :)

  7. Lovely words darling - may you have all the happiness a child brings xxx