28 May 2015

Emotions In Pregnancy - Interview no.2: Run, Jump, Scrap Blog.

Continuing in my weekly interview series - `Emotions in Pregnancy` - tonight's interviewee is Sarah, who blogs at Run, Jump, Scrap! here's her story..... If you've not been following the series, you can read last week's interview here and check out this post to find out the reasons behind the series.


Hi my name is Sarah and I blog over at Run Jump Scrap! I’m predominantly a Mummy blogger but I also blog about fitness and showcase some of my scrapbook projects. I am married to Chris, Mummy to my little gremlin and work as a dietitian.

1. How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant?

Relieved and elated. I was one of those people who had been on the pill for 10 years and convinced I would not be able to get pregnant. I had lived and breathed “trying for a baby” for 3 months, which is no time at all when I look back. It’s just that silly fear. Didn’t help my hormones must have been trying to settle down after stopping the pill. I didn’t want to tell anyone when I fell pregnant, apart from close family, until 12 weeks. Then it was closer friends and I didn’t tell the social media world until I was 21 weeks after the 20 week scan. I was worried about tempting fate and something would go wrong.

2. How did your mood vary over the course of the pregnancy and did it vary by trimester or milestones? How did you feel about buying things for your baby at different points in your pregnancy?

Generally I was quite perky throughout my pregnancy. Tiredness and nausea did make me tearful at times. I always remember my younger cousin not switching her light off when we shared a room once so I could sleep got me into a right state. There were times I felt a bit anxious about the birth and being a Mum but I was trying to always enjoy being pregnant. My Dad and Grandad both passed away during my pregnancy which of course was very tough. However, I do think being pregnant gave me the strength the get through these times as I had to look after myself for my baby and the thought of the baby was a comfort.

3. Did your symptoms affect your mood and emotions at all?

I was always hungry throughout my pregnancy and if I did not eat enough my rages were legendary. I remember throwing some dishcloths across the room as hubby had dared to buy the wrong ones. This was because it was getting close to lunchtime! The gremlin inside me would kick like a loon so I tried to control my temper a bit. I wasn’t that tearful generally so that was good.

4. If you did have low mood or have any mental health issues during your pregnancy, how did you feel? 

Apart from the grief of losing family members I did not have any specific mental health issues when I was pregnant. If I had done though, I would have sought help.

5. Did the medical side of pregnancy affect your feelings and mood at all eg: scans/regular appointments/complications/general care?

I was always a nervous wreck going to my scans as obviously was worried something was going to be wrong. I had to have an extra growth scan which was a bit scary but luckily all was ok. My midwife care was pretty good and straight forward and I didn’t tend to feel too anxious when I was reviewed.

6. How did you feel about giving birth?

I was cleared for a midwife-led birth at my local unit and hubby and I attended NCT classes so we felt pretty clued up. I was more bothered about having to being induced, as heard the labours can often be harder. Luckily my labour started early. The concept of giving birth didn’t really frighten me. I just wanted to “do” it. I was very much go with the flow and strongly believe if you are destined to have a natural birth you can do it. If complications are destined to arise, there is nothing you can do but ride with it. So I went into labour quite open minded.

7. What advice would you give to any mums-to-be on this subject?

Don’t suffer alone. Since having my daughter and going back to work I had some anxiety and insomnia for a month. It was horrible. I felt so stressed and did contemplate going to the doctors. Luckily hubby, Mum and some friends were very supportive so talking helped. I tried meditating and this was brilliant. I realised it was anxiety stopping me sleep as when my head was cleared I was nodding off. You need to admit to yourself there is a problem, confide in others, try self-help and if all else fails seek medical help. People are more understanding nowadays and there are more things to try before medication.

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