31 Jul 2011

Becky's Book Review #5 - The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

Author: Jo Nesbo
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Star Rating: 5/5

General Description:
I decided to read this book on the strength of a recommendation from @SamAtRedMag. And boy was she right - I was totally hooked from the first page. 

After a stunning opener in which a boy awakens in the middle of the night to see a snowman on his back lawn - and then in the morning his mother has disappeared - Norway's most famous detective, Harry Hole is put on the case to discover why so many mothers and wives have been going missing over the last few years. Unfortunately for Harry, he discovers that not only is there a serial killer operating in Norway, but Harry himself is part of a macabre and terrifying game.

The book is pacy and exciting, but also a decent intellectual thriller that really kept me thinking. Equally I was astounded by Nesbo's ingenuity and ability at weaving many complex plot strands together. Read it now!

Oh....kudos must also go to the translator of this book - the original is obviously written in Norwegian and it takes a very special gift at translating to ensure that nothing is er, `lost in translation` - ie: that the same tone, atmosphere and style is kept across the languages.

If you like.......Stieg Larsson - movies + books, Arnaldur Indridason, Richard Montenari, Karin Slaughter, Thomas Harris, Harlen Coben, The Killing (tv show), Val McDermid, scandinavian life/culture, european thrillers....then you'll like (LOVE) this

Why You Might Like This Book
You like twisted psychopaths
You like anti-heros
You like tricky plot twists
You like police/detective led crime novels
You like inventive ways of er, killing people (!),
You like being kept up all night to finish a book
You like being kept on the edge of your seat
You like a bit of sexual tension/love interest (hah)

Why You Might Not
You don't like gory stuff
You don't like police-y jargon
You don't like not being able to figure out who dunnit
You don't like intellectual thrillers
You don't like drinking/drug references

I went on to read several other Nesbo novels after this including The Leopard, Devil's Star and Nemesis - and I've got The Redeemer sitting on my bookshelf too. So be warned, if you like this - you'll immediately want to read all his other books too. Definitely one for summer holidays, train journeys, commuting, in bed, on your sofa, on the loo, in the bath......anywhere really!

That's all for today - I'll be back in the week with a photo essay, WoTW and possibly a new `Didn't You Get The Memo`

Thank you and good night

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