30 Jul 2011

Help Stupid Be Less Stupid - Your Advice Wanted :)

Hello lovely readers,

The time has come when I need YOUR help + feedback.

The blog has been going along fairly steadily for over 7 months now (yikes!!) and I so appreciate all your views and comments and RT's and adding me to your readers etc. *hands out thank you cake*

However I know I've been a bit rusty recently - I couldn't blog much in June as I explained in this post - but I think I'm slowly but surely getting my blogging mojo back.

I know I've gained a bunch of new readers (hey there) but I also still have my lovely regular ones too *thank you squeeze* and my question to all of you guys is....what would you like to see more of on the blog?

More funny stuff like the top 10 lists (current idea - Top 10 Buffet Snacks)
More sort-of advice like this (current idea - Social Media for your Mum - how to use it)....
More book reviews (due to do 52 Seductions, just writing Jo Nesbo review)
More Word of the Week - do you like this? Do I need to do a bigger variety of words? Should it be more funny?

Also what are your thoughts on Lyric Day - I know it's kind of new - but bear with me....

Oh, oh! and also - the interviews - do we like these? What kind of people should I interview? Are you happy with my choice?! (I hope so, so far :P)

Please leave any and all comments below, or on FB or on Twitter or you can email me too at stupidgirl45 at hotmail dot com and I will do my best to incorporate your thoughts and send you lots of virtual cake.

Thank you sosososososososososososo very much indeedy,

Stupidgirl x


  1. I like the fact that you mix it up. Lists are a lot of fun in particular. And advice is always good too - I pick up all sorts of tips on every subject imaginable from bloggers. I'm new, so I can't weigh in on everything (as I haven't had time to troll through many of your back posts) but those are 2 of my fave things :-)

  2. Thank you - the advice and top 10s are my most popular posts. Maybe I'll do a regular weekly music one on sundays plus a silly one during the week.....

    thanks for taking the time to comment + give me feedback - is invaluable!

    sg x

  3. Marc - The Snowman. I've loved all his books so far but The Snowman is my favourite by a long way. You?

  4. Just finished reading it recently- excellent. That was first of his I've read. Bought two others but not started yet

  5. Which two others? I've read Devils Star and Nemsis and Leopard. V. good :) I've got the Redeemer to read also.

  6. I think it's all good, but I think 10 things and word of the week are my favourite. I'm not really a music person, so mostly skim over those posts, but that's me not you :-).


  7. Thanks, that's good to know - I do like my music posts but it's good to mix it up. I'm glad you like WOTW also :)