18 Jul 2011

Fun with Presents - A birthday photo essay.

I have been very, very slack with photo essays of late (hangs head in shame). And in fact today's essay is a tiny bit of a cop out. But hey ho, needs must and I've not taken any decent pics recently sooooooo with no further ado, here are pictures of the presents I got for my birthday. I'm a very lucky girl indeedy.

The Cards - Because This Makes Me Look Popular Innit

The Writing Sets - People Clearly Think I Should Tweet Less....

The Lumbar Muffin. I don't think this needs any explanations.

The Norty Yummy Stuff

The Pampering Set

The World's Cutest Keyring As Made By The Alessi Gods

A Tiny Garden For Our Tiny Flat

The Worlds Bestest Notebook

And last but not least.....The Handbag of Extreme Loveliness

That's all folks. Thanks for my lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely gifts. I also got a kindle, which I have not taken a picture of. I am saving that until I have put some ACTUAL books onto my new fangled reading device. It's got a natty pink cover, not unlike a teeny tiny sleeping bag also. Which I am *very* excited about.

Thank you and goodnight

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  1. Lots of gifts of lovliness and, the Miu Miu is just fabulous darhling <3

  2. aw bugger...I missed your birthday! *hangs head in shame*

    I hope it was wonderfully spiffing my dear.

    *mwah!* xxx