22 Mar 2015

Sunday Kitchen Disco

Hi everyone and welcome to the very first #sundaykitchendisco linky!

Typically, starting with a bang, this week is more of a #sundaykitchenplaylist - because I do love a good list, especially a music related one! I thought I'd pull together a list of Toddler45's favourite songs to boogie, sing and cuddle to.  

For regular readers, in case you're wondering what's going on, a linky is an opportunity to share a post you've written with lots of other people on my blog. The theme is *music*. You can read all about the linky here but the basic idea is:
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Anyway, here's our list SundayFundayKitchenDisco playlist :)

Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars
Not yet the most overplayed song of 2015, Toddler45 loves this one and cutely refers to it as UpDown Funk. He does a pretty decent imitation of the dance too and had a little go at breakdancing also!

All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor
Not sure if its the foxy ladies in this video that have Toddler45 mesmerized or the catchy tune. Either way I have been forced to watch this around 67,000 times in the last month alone "Bass Mummy? No tweble!"

Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins

If liking cheesy music is in your genes, then Toddler45 gets this one from me. As a *bump* he used to go crazy to this one. And he still loves it :) "I feel the need, the need for speed!"

Get Lucky - Daft Punk
The first song Toddler45 clapped to. I was a bit over-excited by this - I mean Daft Punk, how cool is my child (nowhere near as cool as his mother obviously...)

Happy - Pharrell Williams

I've yet to find a toddler who does not like running around my sitting room when this song is on. So up there on our regular playlist. And that's without the Despicable Me connections :)

Fifi + The Flowertots Theme Tune
I've deliberately not posted a video clip of this song. It will be an endless earworm for you. Toddler45 loves it and I have regular requests for "FEEFEE" - despite him never actually watching the damn show!

Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World

I love this song and used to play it to my bump very regularly. As a newborn, it always calmed Toddler45 down. And even last week, he fell asleep on me listening to this song. So it's a bit special. Might make you cry though.

Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles
Again, a bump song, one that calmed my son down as a newborn and even now. It's such a lovely, cheery positive song. The lyrics are oddly reassuring!

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

This song came out around the time Toddler45 was born and sappy though it is, the lyrics summed up a lot of how I felt about him, loving him for a thousand years etc. I remember spending many evenings, in my dimly lit bedroom, with this on the radio, watching him sleep or feeding him and feeling so blessed.

I hope you liked the list and it's inspired you to add your own post to the linky. Anything music related - an archive post or a new post is fine. Hope you'll join in - just click the link below to join and add your post.


  1. Love A Thousand Years and Here Comes The Sun! Honoured to be the first one joining your link. Hope my post is relevant! xx

    1. I'm honoured to have you join. Your post is very relevant, Bob is super cute and I love her lyrics. I am in awe of your video editing skills too :) I think you need to blog some tips! Thanks for linking and commenting :) xx

  2. Hi, my boys love a bit of uptown funk :)
    I don't have anything music related at the moment but you have given me some inspiration for a post. I'll link up once i've had some time to write it. Good luck with the linky. X

    1. LOL it's an awesome song! Looking forward to seeing what you link up with :) Thanks for taking the time to comment :) x

  3. We love Uptown Funk too - I mentioned it in one of my previous music linky posts. I think N just likes the 'halleluia' bits. It took me ages to work out where he'd got the phrase from!

    1. Wah! That's brilliant, toddler45 hasn't said that yet, I might have to coach him hahahah. Thanks for commenting and linking :) x

  4. I love uptown funk, as does my teen! It can never be played too much!! Mr Tumble...hmm - though if you like him you'll love my linky post - a festival for kids, with Mr Tumble (I think I talk more about the festival than the music but that's fab too!!)

    1. I find Mr Tumble a bit scary. But the kids love him! Going to take a look at your post now :) thanks so much for linking and commenting!! xx

  5. wait why did I think you were loving Mr Tumble? good lord now I look obsessed...oh well I'll link it anyway....all will be revealed

    1. Hah, no idea! Going to check out your post :)

  6. My girls love all about that bass and shake it off! Thanks for joining #Linked

    1. They are great songs! Thanks for commenting :)