24 Mar 2009

The Black Dog

Well this is a cheery second post. The black dog. The death of Nicholas Hughes got me thinking about this one. In case you don't know, Nicholas Hughes is the son of Sylvia Plath + Ted Hughes. It must be genetic - the urge to stick one's head in a gas oven and other legacies to leave your children.

Is depression genetic? That blanket of lethargy that settles over your mind like gray candy floss. Its something that affects everyone differently. I've always thought depression is a luxury. Albeit one I've suffered from and most of my family. And I guilt trip myself by thinking *well you know the starving millions in africa don't have depression*. Sort of the grown up version of *eat your food - there are starving children in Africa* . And I've read all the feminist depression literature as per most pre and post grunge girls. Prozac Nation. The Bell Jar. The Edible Woman. All strange and yet familiar in their own way.

I am not sure this is the greatest topic for my second post. But at least I'm writing. 546 words on the last post. Better than nothing.

Today, also in my head - names for characters. Kind of like naming your children. But without the nuisance of actually having to have another person's input.

Minnaloushe (yes I know this is actually a male name)

I'm on a bit of a silver-screen trip with this one. And clearly these characters wouldn't get far. Probably not much further than the nearest gin bottle with names like these. And they'd be so bored without any men. I'm not much good with male characters it would seem. I would write an entirely female novel. But that's been done.
And besides a book featuring characters named after silver screen stars, with gin and lots of lingerie. That could lead to an entirely different sort of novel. Which would probably sell loads actually. Maybe that's where I'm going wrong. Is that a new genre? Pin up porn?

Well who knows. On that note, I think i'd better go. A post that covers gin, porn, depression and allusions to lesbianism is hard to beat. Thank you and good night.

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