27 Mar 2009

Thank Crunchie It's Friday

Its been a bit of a week - nudity, pin ups, nipple tassles, 12 hour days, depression, mass catering, possible riots, and bad men - to name a few.

But its bloody friday. Thank god. And I actually have a surprisingly nice weekend planned. Mainly wedding stuff. So if you hate weddings, I would give up reading now before I go totally 'Zilla on here Tomorrow the plan is get up, go to gym (bridal diet doncha know), then into town to pick up our wedding rings and pick out stuff on our gift list. And then I've a party in the evening. Except how it'll probably go is - we'll probably sleep in, miss the gym (guilt guilt), run late as we head into town (throw in a row about which of us contributed to the running late) and then not make up until we pick up the rings. We will then have a max of about 1 hrs peace and no rowing until we start picking out gift list stuff.

To be honest I don't really know where to start with the whole gift list thing. It seems f*cking cheeky to be all kind of "please come to our wedding, which is miles from where you live, requires an overnight stay (and a new outfit if you're a girl), it's a cash bar...oh and, please buy us a present". But the rationale behind it is to prevent aged relatives buying us complete tat (crystal decanter anyone? stupid ceramic figures?) and means we get some new plates instead. Which are always handy seeing as how many I've broken throwing them at StupidBoy......

Back on track, as I was saying, I've a party to go to - its a 30th of a friend I used to work with. Although we've lost touch a little since I left, I am having a happy reminisce about some of our bizarre nights out. In fact our first night out together involved a celebrity lesbian + her lesbian football team and Bonnie Tyler kareoke. And since then we've been to a dodgy underground club in the seedier part of west hampstead, a fairy tale themed charity fancy dress party and sunbathed for so long in the park one afternoon that I got sunglasses shaped sunburn on my face. Which WAS NOT a good look. And caused lots of hysterical laughing and/or crying. So yes, party tomorrow. Which boosts my social life no end as other than that i have no plans for the next few weeks really.

This blog entry has really not been so hot tonight really has it? My social life + plans for the weekend are hardly thrilling. My ideal weekend would have been something like: Finish work at 5 (which I did today actually) and be collected by chauffeur driven limo and whisked off to the airport, where SB would be waiting for me with tickets (first class) to Rome for the weekend. We would arrive home refreshed, full of pasta (magically fat free of course) and wine, pleasantly re-cultured, and have a lovely relaxing sunday evening in the flat. Which the spring cleaning fairies would have cleaned + tidied and restocked full of yummy food.

But instead I will be getting jet lag coming back from the gym on sunday morning as the sodding clocks go forward. Which evil person decided that we should LOSE an hour's sleep. Its just ungodly. And I really could do with the extra hour's sleep this weekend. As you can tell by the complete drivel that is making up this post. In fact you know what, I'm going to stop here. SB is home, the spag bol needs to be heated up, and I don't think I'm going to get any wittier or more intelligent this evening. In fact, I'll probably just go further downhill. So best to know when to stop. (not something I often know) So thank you and goodnight.

Stupidgirl has left the building

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