29 Mar 2009

Late Nite Writing Club

So again to my 6th post. Does this writing malarkey get any easier? Will I ever get ideas for blog posts ever again? Will I ever stop posting in questions? Perhaps I should just write when I am not completely exhausted. Although I have just had a birthday cupcake with edible holographic sprinkles on which should give me the neccessary sugar boost to get some thoughts down on the blog tonight.

Well it's been nearly a week of sharing my inner-most thoughts online. So far I know for sure only one person (outside of myself) reads this. And I am hoping she thinks its okay. When I started planning my blog at the beginning of the week I had tons of ideas for blog entries. But they all seem to have evaporated. I need a muse I think. Kind of Theda Bara crossed with .... Emily Dickinson? That would be an interesting voice to write in. Witty, depressive 19th Century virgin crossed with 20th century silent movie sex-goddess. Hmmmm perhaps a sample sentence would be:

"Should I -
Or should I not -
when the gin bottle, the half empty
gin bottle - is near by
make gimlets and laze about -
in -
chiffon baby doll nighties?"

Apologies for the terrible copying of ED's poetry style layouts. But you get the gist. You can't philosphise (sp?) over the meaning of life while getting slowly inebriated in one's lingerie. Can you? I do talk an awful lot about gin + lingerie I notice, which is odd because I don't like Gin. But I do love lingerie.

In fact I caused a friend to have a rush of jealousy today because I have a copy of the Agent Provocateur bridal lingerie catalogue. And she doesn't. Hah! And as one would expect (can't get rid of this Theda Bara + Emily Dickinson voice now), the lingerie is to die for. In fact given the prices, I would actually have to sell a kidney to afford some of it. But yes lingerie in general is wonderful. Brassieres, stockings, hold ups, suspender belts, french knickers, normal knickers, baby dolls, corsets, waspies..... the list is endless. Although sadly I have very rarely had the opportunity to wear lingerie like this. Until last weekend....

Last weekend I realised a life-long ambition and had a nude/pin-up girl photo shoot done - ostensibly for SB, but really for me, to celebrate my body. Why not? Can i just point out at this point that SB doesn't know anything about it - so please don't tell him....Packing a suitcase full of chiffony knickers + high heels to take away with me was an odd sensation, kind of naughty but nice. It was a simillar to the time, when in one of my many shopping trips in preparation for the shoot I purchased simply a pair of peach chiffon knickers and some dark red patent sandals from Primark. I felt like a total floozy (in a good way) going home with just shoes + knickers.

I have also got some revelations about nipple tassles at this point.

1) They bloody kill when you take them off. I had to check I hadn't left any nipple inside the tassle. It hurt THAT MUCH.
2) However, do not let this deter you from wearing them. They are weirdly flattering to the decolletage area. I felt very *perky*
3) Unless you are very practised at twirling said tassles, do not attempt this for the first time in front of an audience. Unless you want to be laughed at.

Anyway the shoot went very well. I may do a proper report back once I have seen the pictures. And possibly a nice big feminist rant about how we are all beautiful, should love our bodies and celebrate our individuality yadda yadda yadda. So you have that to look forward to. I can see the next post title now - Stupidgirl Stripped Bare. Although obviously I am not going to post a link to the pictures on here. You'll have to use your imaginations. And on that note, until next time mes amigos. Thank you and good night.

Stupidgirl has left the building.

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