25 Mar 2009

TV Junkies

to paraphrase a friend's FB profile..... klass, sugar, bree....
That's my line up for this evening.

If you don't know what I'm talking about you should do. It would seem that the infinite wisdom of the telly programming gods have decided to put anything worth watching on the box, on wednesday night. Hump night. (god bless the aussies, such a fab word - along with sheila and bonza...and yes getting off the point here)

Hump night, in case you don't know, is wednesday night. It's the hump in the middle of the week that leads you into the gentle decline that is friday night and the weekend. It makes wednesday bearable. The knowledge that 2 sleeps and its the weekend. And lets face it, wednesday night is the new thursday night is the new friday night is the new black.

Back to the telly-box. So tonight the majority of women in the country will be watching 10 years younger at 8pm. A programme in which, ironically, the presenter herself has been replaced by a sleb 10 years younger. 10YY is the antithesis of the Gok *get ya wobbly bits out for the girls* school of thought.
10YY says *yes, you look crap and wrinkly and unshaggable but why don't we give you tons of plastic surgery, caps, a blow dry and some polyfilla and ask the general public to guess how old you are* I actually quite liked the blunt, hatchet faced saffa who presented it. Honesty WAS her best policy. And watching a toothless 37 yr old crying after being told a general poll thought she was 65 is pure car crash telly. (hey, I didn't say I was kind). Anyway the blunt one has been replaced by the bland one. Its too tiresome to even have to describe who she is and what she does. So I shan't.

Back to my point (somewhere up there in the ether) new series of The Apprentice starts tonight. Put a bunch of bitchy, arrogant, moody, unemployable wannabes in a get-rich-quick-job-hunt scheme. Instant telly karma. Hogging the 9pm slot on a wednesday night and causing most of the working population to dash home to watch it, The Apprentice is highly addictive. In fact I currently only have ONE friend on FB chat, thus indicating that half the country is watching telly. Either that or I'm a social leper (FB is the only way to judge your popularity clearly)

Following this (true TV marathon here - 3 hours worth) is Desperate Housewives. Which I love. And have aspired to be all of the characters at some point. My current favourite is Bree. Immaculate, home cooking, terrifying, reformed alcoholic, apron wearing, redhead bree. I love her. I want to be her. My favourite scene is the one in the 2nd series where she learns to shoot. Wearing an immaculate twin set and skirt. Now thats a woman not to mess with. Tonight's episode apparently features the ever lovely Gabi trying to get back into shape for the no-longer-blind Carlos. It's so easy in TV land, ya just take the fat suit off. Easy.

Anyway I'd better go and warm up for the TV marathon - a light bit of Hollyoaks viewing to get me started perhaps. So I'll leave you here. Thank you and good night.

Stupidgirl has left the building.

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