25 May 2011

Becky's Book Review #4 - Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn

Book: Mistress of Rome
Author: Kate Quinn
Genre: Historical Fiction
Star Rating: 5/5

General Description:

If you are looking for a great read for your holidays this year, you've found it! I absolutely could not put this book down when I read it late last year and felt it deserved a glowing review on here.

Our heroine - Thea, a slave girl from Judaea, breaks all the rules in her quest for survival in Domitian's treacherous Rome!  Surving violence and squalor, only the gladiator Arius offers her a shred of tenderness in a brutal world. Sold on to cruel slave masters,Thea disappears - and in her place, the singer Athena arrives. Catching the eye of Domitian himself she begins to live a life of luxury by the emperor's side, but as threats begin to close in is Domitian aware that the very woman he trusts the most has the ability to betray him at all costs.

This book is absolutely enthralling and I didn't want it to end, I could picture every mucky, gritty, silky, glamourous bit of Rome. I completely loved and lived this book (well I am a Classics student....!) and it brought alive for me an era that I love. I definitely had a total crush on Arius (sexy gladiator outfits rule, take note husbando) and Thea/Athena kicks ass! It's a really pacey read as well, Kate Quinn is a mistress of writing for sure and her attention to detail shows the fabulous amount of research she must have done - it's utterly flawless.

Buy. It. Now.

If you like....... The Other Boleyn Girl/Philippa Gregory, Diana Gabaldon, Gladiator (the movie), Ancient Rome/Ancient Greece, Eagle of the Ninth, The Bull From the Sea/Mary Renault, A Game of Thrones, Spartacus: Blood + Sand, Xena, Troy....then you'll like (LOVE) this

Why You Might Like This Book
You like historical fiction
You are fascinated by ancient Rome/ancient history
You like a good (love) story
You like well-fleshed out characters
You like a bit of politics/plotting!
You like a good female heroine

Why You Might Not
You're not good at imagining stuff that doesn't exist (ancient cities/civilisations)
You don't like fiction
You don't like a love story
You don't like historical fiction in particular
You don't like real history woven into books

Just to let you know that I'll be reviewing the prequel to this book - Daughters of Rome - in the next couple of weeks, also an awesome read. I want to know when the movie/tv show will get made - and if there isn't a plan for one - why not!! Also, hurry up and write the next book Kate :)

Thank you and good night

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PS When I do fancy dress next month, I'll be using Thea/Athena as my inspiration for being Mistress of Rome!

PPS For previous book reviews, check here

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  1. Thanks for the insights. Rome was hardly ancient. Some historians say they were on the cusp of exploiting the steam engine and developing railroads and steamships. Civic life was not much different from Early Victorian London. The subara (slum area filled with tenements) resembled Seven Dials (or the northern Liberies here in Philadelphia). Wealthy lived in townhouse/villas, serving girls were 'put upon' and monied matrons threw balls. Lighthouse-like beacon towers sped news throughout the empire. From Jerusalem to Londinium took about twelve hours. The populace was well informed. Pity the whole thing came crashing down. We of the 'Western Continent' take that lesson seriously. You should hear them in the 'senate.'.....How goes it with the legions on the Afgahn Plains? You get it, because regardless of what Brit media says...You're still a power too.And you still throw the British Legions around when you feel like (So what? who cares? that's your right) It's not like most of your old imperial clients (now allies) don't still rally 'round. Look at the 'Special Relationship" shared by our two realms. .....Boy, you really got me going Rommulus and Remmus here...Don't take much.....Classics expert, eh? Which ten people from history (other eras too) wouild you like to have over for dinner??? Good blog there! thanks for the inspiration, as always...HAIL, LADY REBECCA. MAY JUNO AND VESTA SMILE UPON YOU...