6 May 2011

In Memoriam (sensitive)

I had planned to do a post about the trip to Dorset today but after the news I received this morning, I didn't really feel like it.

As most of you may know, I belong to a private online forum. It's an amazing community and I will never, ever stop being grateful and amazed at being part of it.

This morning one of our members posted that their 2 yr old son had passed away, on Wednesday night, in his sleep. Although he'd been having tests for a couple of health issues, it was completely unexpected.

I have absolutely no words to even begin to comprehend the devastation that this family must be feeling. Nothing I say sounds right - it just sound trite or stupid.

All I feel is that please, hug your loved ones tight tonight - and please keep this family in your thoughts/prayers/love/vibes/whatever you believe in.

It's such a sad, tragic loss - and I wanted to pay tribute to that on the blog tonight. So this post is in loving memory of William Robert Walter.

That is all



  1. I know loss, and it can never be put into words. It's a desperate loneliness that can only be cured by the one you have lost.
    My heart goes out to the family that lost their kid.

  2. Hugs - what a lovely sensitive tribute. The pain of losing one close is bad enough. The pain of losing one taken too soon, too young, lost before they had a chance to live , to bloom is worse, and must be close to unbearable. I send prayers (rare for me at this time) for the parents, and sustaining thoughts and love to their friend who cares about them.

  3. I've spent almost all of today holding one or the other of my girls. I'm just so, so sad for them.

  4. I'm sat here in tears. What an awful, awful thing. L,M & S, I am thinking of you tonight x

  5. What does little William's family call him? Even though he is Someplace Else, they will still always talk about him. Do they say Willie or Billy or Wills? What name is HIS name? Not the time for words. Through your actions, he is known to people the world over. He is remembered in this world and the Next.

  6. A beautiful and fitting tribute xxx

  7. Thanks everyone for all your kind words and thoughts for the family who are going through this. I really didn't expect such a strong reaction to the post so I am very touched by that.

    I still have no words, I just did my best in my own way to pay tribute to the family's loss.

    Anyway big hugs to each + everyone of my readers, please hug your own loved ones close.

    SG xxx

  8. How awful :(

    No words can ever describe their loss. Thinking of you all (((hugs)))

    S xx

  9. Life can be so unbelievably cruel. RIP little one x