2 May 2011

The Big Fat Royal Wedding - My Top 10 Highlights

Right, so in the name of posting everyday in May - which I totally failed at by not posting yesterday - here's a belated top 10 list for you.....on the royal wedding (I was asked by several people to post my opinions on it - for those cynics out there!!)

I did manage to watch the build up to the wedding and then headed off rock climbing once the happy couple had said their vows! Here's my favourite moments and thoughts from their big day...

1) The bride looked lovely. Really, truly stunning. I predicted that she'd go for something Grace Kelly-esque when I was chatting to my friend last week and though she'd go for long lace sleeves. So I am feeling rather smug about my taste in wedding dress trends. The shots of her in the car, with her father, with the veil over her face are beautiful and touching.

2) I suspect that Prince Harry cracked onto Pippa Middleton something chronic. Well you would wouldn't you - she also looked mighty fine in her slinky little bridesmaid's gown - although ivory wouldn't be my first choice for bridesmaids (in fact my wedding dress was simillar to Pippa's dress - v slinky - I may post a picture on my wedding anniversary in July). In fact, my bridesmaids wore black.
Anyway, yes, Pippa looked great and was fab at controlling the little flower girls - and also managing to cope with both Prince Philip and Prince Harry standing behind her on the balcony at B'ham Palace - good for her!

3) How cute did Wills + Kate look, driving out of B'ham Palace in that little car with the `Just Wed` license plate and balloons etc! Very sweet indeed, and some great pics for their wedding album, thought it was a lovely touch.

4) Onto the guests - firstly, Frocky Horror awards to Princessess Beatrice and Eugenie. Just what.were.they.thinking? Ick-a-rama! I thought their faces were being eaten by their hats. Also Tara Palmer Tompkinson - that big blue thingy on your head was unfortunately like a giant arrow to your nose. I think a big hat would have shielded you better. Chelsy Davy - too tight and too short, sorry love.

5) Top of the Frocks go to.....Sam Cam, looking lovely in Burberry (shame she flouted the hat/fascinator requirement), Carole Middleton in Catherine Walker (a possible tribute to Diana?), Posh Spice covering up *that* bump - even if she'd quite clearly had a row with Becks!! And also, surprisingly, Joss Stone - who knew she could scrub up so well - and high street too (Hobbs)

6) Kate trying not to let the emotion show when she was saying her vows - I definitely spotted a couple of chin wobbles there, good for her. Yah boo sucks to all the haters, this royal marriage certainly seems to be a love match for once. I was terrified saying my vows - and didn't have to do it in front of, what seems like, the entire world!

7) The runaway horse and the cartwheeling verger - loving these 2 random comedy moments. Glad the horse + rider are okay, that could have been total pandemonium there. The cartwheeling verger is classic - the relief when the wedding was over is clearly apparent!

8) Boris Johnson - firstly, loving his Moss Bros shout-out for his hired tails. Like he couldn't afford to buy some/didn't have some already. And then making it worse by re-gifting the happy couple a tandem bike. Also on this point, David Cameron wittering on about the photo of wales he'd bought them when really we all know that wives pick + purchase wedding presents!

9) The `mystery` around Tony Blair + Gordon Brown not being invited to the wedding but Thatcher + Major were because they're Knights of the Realm or something (lost concentration at this point)

10) Finally, and this was my favourite bit - the way the toffs all gawped when Elton John + David Furnish showed up! Love it - wonder if any of them asked for autographs :P

So there's your top 10 list for this week - love to know your thoughts on the Royal Shindig

Thank you and good night

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  1. I love your top ten - mine would be the same :-)
    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.

  2. Brilliant and agree on the main. Thought minus the hat that Beatrice's outfit was lovely.

    Loved Samantha Cameron's dress and thought she was brave to go with just clips (although it isn't a requirement to wear a hat)

    Good post

  3. Ali - thanks, glad you liked it lovely.

    Rachel - really??? Still would be weird if we totally agreed hahaha. I soooo want SamCam's dress :) Thanks for commenting!

  4. Waaaaaah at Boris! Although I thought SamCam looked like she'd been through a tumbledryer with her dress on I'm afraid!

  5. Really liked the line about somebody's hat 'eating their face.' Think it's strange that those invited to the ceremony aren't at least offered a glass of wine and a piece of cake. It's basically permission to 'look, but don't touch.' You think there'd be a venue where they could have offered SOME semblance of hospitality. People did dress up after all. Have to admit all that 'royal' nonsense is photogenic and picturesque/historical, BUT how can the populace of an accomplished, educated country, submit to being termed 'subjects' and 'commoners' by those benefiting from the national coffers, who are basically paid actors and public relations people? This has nothing to do with the Windsors (an alias) as a family, yet England and all the rest would still be England without them. Those who crave such garden party niceties could still indulge on a private level. Look at all the 'titled' hoo-haas in republican France. They still dress up and give dinners----- when THEY can AFFORD them. And (gulp) even in the U.S., a president and a first lady, plus their assorted first daughters and first sons, keep the titles for life. Even grandkids are refered to as 'coming from 'presidential' families, not to mention those hailing from 'senatorial' households.------Here's a good, news worthy post wedding topic----What role, and on what scale, should the 'modern royals' OFFICIALLY play in British life? I mean it IS STILL a free country. You DO GET to DECIDE, don't you?...Think about it....

  6. I thought overall it was lovely, the actual vows and just seeing how genuine they were was very sweet. Afterwards it did feel more like it was several minutes of good stuff, padded to several hours with celeb spotting (I'd say Posh and Beck and then Elton got the most screen time) and shots of people driving back and forth. But it was fun, it was romantic and it was not over the top. The first, brief kiss, was a crowd teaser and the second was a crowd pleaser. Good top ten, my wife would agree with the hat comments!

  7. My mother wore almost the identical dress over 56 years ago. My five sisters and I were busy FB-ing with each other and posting pictures of our Mummy's dress during the royal wedding! Sadly, it is in her cedar chest, and my Daddy is still too broken hearted a year and a half after her to passing for us to ask him to get it out. But it was so awesome to see a princess wearing the same dress our Mum did so long ago.