27 May 2011

Fun with Freddie M - A Queen/Lucky Voice Photo Essay

Right, I've not done a photo essay in awhile so I thought I'd better pull my finger out and get on the case for you - and where better to start than the Queen party I went to at Lucky Voice this week.

A celebration of all things Freddie and Bohemian, with the most AMAZING performance from the uber-talented cast of We Will Rock You, we certainly were the champions.......

The evening started off with a Queen themed pub quiz, which I was spectacularly awful at, despite being a Fat Bottomed Girl. With questions such as "What Is Freddie Mercury's favourite Queen song" and "Which Frank Sinatra song did Queen cover?"  me and my colleague (the Conifer, remember her??) soon realised that, quite frankly, we were Under Pressure. And judging from this picture, everyone else seemed to think it would take A Kind of Magic to win....

However, with rounds such as `shoot the cardboard cut out of Justin Bieber`, it appeared that there were some Killer Queens out there....

However, the round that seemed to drive everyone Radio Ga Ga was the air guitar round....with substitutions,  contortions, health + safety violations, there was some real competition for this.....

Sadly, i was too busy with my new friend to record who actually won the quiz!!!

Then, I had to say to the conifer Don't Stop Me Now - lets have a quick karaoke sesh  (without Bieber - I think you'll agree that he's probably not Somebody to Love in these pictures) Sadly - or luckily for you people, there's no video evidence of our attempts at Meatloaf, Jessie J, Bonnie Tyler and Kings of Leon. I think this post was enough of me doing karaoke for you all :)

However right at the very end of the night, the AMAZING cast of We Will Rock You came along - straight from the show - to give us a little taste of the real thing - and boy were we rocked :)

It was a fab night - and I am very keen to go and see We Will Rock You now - I'll be sure to blog about it when I do. I'm also signing off the blog for couple of days as you might have noticed, if you follow me on Twitter, that I'm sick :( If I can squeeze in a post on sunday though, I will do.

Have a fabby weekend.

Thank you and goodnight

Stupidgirl has left the building

PS Random fact for you, my family's original russian surname is actually linked to a town in Bohemia, now the Czech Republic. Perhaps I'm related to Freddie???


  1. You've officially been tagged! =D I look forward to your writing is like...

    Also, Queen is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE bands. So many clever references here; love it! :]

  2. So now I gotta google a map of the czech republic and see which town-names might also be surnames. And here I am, worried 'cause something's wrong with @refzip (my blog savior). Worried 'bout you too. Don't get sick! Be well!