22 May 2011

Pieces of Me - Top 10 things that define my style

Following on from WoTW this week, I wanted to do a top 10 linked to it. It's a little self indulgent but I just thought it would be fun - and kind of easy to do - as the (eeeep) lurgy seems to have reappeared this morning (coughing, sneezing, shivering - wtf!!). In case you're new to the blog, firstly HELLO! and WELCOME! and have some cake but secondly, here are a couple of links to the kind of drivel I write when I'm sick..... I hope this doesn't put you off reading this blog :)

Also, for regular readers and newbies, I know I've not been around much in the last week but look out for tomorrow's post which will be a little catch up (like this one) of what I've been up to. And, to ensure that I actually put some stuff on the blog this week, I have challenged myself to writing FIVE (yes FIVE) blog posts, in advance today (sunday) so that they will be ready for you during the week. I have been very remiss in not posting stuff or replying to comments - for which I hugely apologise and offer you all yet more virtual cake.

So anyway, here is the list - which is comprised of the top 10 things in my wardrobe, or that I own, that I feel are the essence of me/my look:

Top 10 Things That Define My Style

1) Angel Wing Earrings - I bought these about 5 years ago from Claires Accessories for a party. They're about an inch long and made of plastic in a off white with a mother of pearl sheen. And er, they're shaped like angel wings - one for each ear. I love them, I've never seen anyone else with them and I always (even now they're a bit battered) get compliments on them.

2) My Cowboy Boots - Also from around 3-4 years ago, these were from Faith and cost about £50. They go with  EVERYTHING I OWN. I've worn them to parties, the pub, work, client meetings (informal ones), drinks, dinner, the library, shopping....everywhere. I love them. They have about a 2.5  cuban heel and full detailing and they're awesome. They are however falling apart now....so I am sharing my allegiance with a pair of flat, knee high, black riding boots with 2 silver buckles that also go with everything.

3) Chanel No.5 - I've worn this perfume for 15 years now. It's sometimes seen as a bit of an old lady perfume - especially when you're 16, but I love it. The smell is totally addictive - and smells completely different on everyone. It always makes me feel utterly glamorous - and I love wearing something that I know Marilyn Monroe wore also. I bought my first bottle in Henry Bendel in New York when I was 15 or so.

4) Black Eyeliner (Liquid/Pencil) - I don't buy expensive stuff - in fact I particularly like a brand called 2True from Superdrug as their liquid eyeliner comes with a felt-tippy sort of brush which is perfect for muppets like me who previously used to smear it everywhere. Anyway I love eyeliner - sometimes just a subtle fine line for work - and other times full on 50's style for parties. I feel naked without it (and mascara)

5) Triple Star Belt - love this one, only £10 from New Look - it's an elastic belt (so I wear it kind of high on my waist/under my bust to give me an hourglass shape) In a black and white stripe but the best thing about it are the 3 enamel stars on the buckle at the front. They look so cool and I wear this belt with every LBD I own. It's such an unusual belt and a bit different from the huge buckled ones I normally see everywhere.

6) My Engagement + Wedding Rings - It's a bit of a cop out this one but I love them so much. They're simple and classic and, go with everything. My engagement ring is a simple solitaire diamond in a 6 claw setting and my wedding ring is a plain band. Every time I look at them I feel loved and think of husbando.

7) Short Denim Skirt - I have one in black and one in faded dark navy denim from  Top Shop and I love them. I sling them on with thick black tights/leggings and a sweater and my pixie boots or my converse or my cowboy boots and I'm ready to go! They're comfy, I don't feel fat in them and I couldn't give a shit if they're stylish or not.

8) Vintage Tees - mainly from Junk Food T-shirts when I can get hold of them (a little pricey but worth it as they're uber cool). I have one that says I tame Wild Things - see pic below and another with Jabba the Hutt on. I've also got some band t-shirts and bits + pieces. The key is soft soft soft cotton, they have to be long (enough) too, to sit around my hips (I'm 5'8, no belly flashing here) and gently fitted too - I'm a girl, I have a shape people!

9) Tea Dresses - I have two dresses, both the same style, from Top Shop - one in black and one in turquoise. They have cap sleeves, a little ruffle around the neck, a slight empire line and a floaty skirt that finishes around 2 inches above the knee. I love them - they are perfect for work with smart shoes and my angora cardie + a pearl necklace but I can dress them up at night also!

10) My Wedding Dress -  final choice and perhaps a bit of an odd one also but, actually, I think every bride's choice of dress says a lot about their individual sense of style. I wore a plain satin slinky dress with a small train and a tiny band of crystals on the bust. What I loved about it was the row of tiny buttons down the back and the bustle when you pulled the train up. I also didn't feel like the dress was wearing me - in fact I full on danced to Sweet Child of Mine in it :P (also for those who are interested it was from Pronuptia) Also, if you don't mind the indulgence...here's a picture of me in it :)

So that's it for today's list - what defines your style - in terms of your `look`? Anything in particular? Or are you undefinable? There's nothing particularly special on my list, I tend to stay away from being uber-fashionable and try to just wear what I like and what suits me - and most importantly what I feel comfortable in. Having said that, I do totally love to do fancy dress - and frequently go all out!!!

I'll be back later in the week with a catch up, a new WoTW and some more book reviews. Hope all is good with you guys.

Thank you and good night

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  1. I'm nodding at lots of these! I am devoted to my boots: black DMs with heels. In fact, anything, as long as it's black really. Including the eyeliner. I make exceptions for long floaty dresses.
    ps... feel better soon!

  2. Shoes for me! Opposite ends of the spectrum to suit my Gemini split personality though – heels and brogues. My pink brogues are my summer love!

  3. Bird - black is good with me!

    Serial Dater - pics/link please :)

    Thanks for reading ladies x

  4. OKAY, fashion. I get it. Actually, I sort of get it. I just never get it right. what other kind of pants can we wear except plain blue jeans (maybe with dark brown cowboy boots and a harris tweed jacket?) And every spring, summer and early fall we all exist in short sleeved 'polo' shirts. when we gonna start wearin them cool, star trek velours. It's about time. I like those trim suits from MAD MEN on tv though. Wonder what kind of sneakers would go with 'em? ALSO liked the stylish new look of your blog...all those fancy click-on's running along that blue bar up at the top. Wish I knew how to do that. How about doing a make-over with before and after pics and what you did to achieve the look? Get a friend to volunteer and do a job on them. People love those. Great post. Interesting insights as always

  5. I really don't think I can stretch to 10 favourites, but I'll give ita go.

    1) Converse pumps. Black around the toes with red tartan style material around the base of the foot. My 'cool' shoes! As admired by the teenage son of a friend (so that's the seal of approval from the current generation!)

    2) Renoma bag. Small, gold, just about a man-bag still! Bought it in Singapore. It's what I use when I have no jacket pockets and I want to carry my wallet, shades etc and not have something too intrusive.

    3) Police shades. Bought in Japan and my first 'proper' shades. These took several hours of careful shopping in the many malls of Sapporo, to find the right shape and colour. Neat and understated and, I think, very cool.

    4) Red Herring long sleeved shirt. A white shirt with a red flower pattern, but where the shirt has been inverted so the outside has the faded red showing through the material and the inside has the brighter full red. Always looks good.

    5) Superdry scarf. Yellow and blue patchwork design and a cool accessory.

    6) Samurai t-shirt. A ridiculous, garish image of a samurai on a plain gray t-shirt, made out of sequins and link chains. Worn when I want to make a statement.

    7) Saint George by Duffer Hooded top. My only 'hoodie'. A brown top with grey lining. As long as I don'tactually use the hood it looks very cool/casual.

    8) I have to agree and add in my wedding ring! A Titanium, very simple design with one small diamond inset. It looks a little 'lived in' already, and it's part of me.

    9) St George by Duffer hat. To be fair I'd be very unlikely to wear this in this country. Not sure what style it is, but as with the shades it was carefully chosen because most hats look stupid on me. I think it's actually made of a sort of paper, woven together like straw. It's dyed dark blue, with a band of crosshatch material above the rim. It was a lifesaver during my trip to various hot countries, shielding my head diligently, hence it's appearance on the list! (Wife says I look like JK from Jamiroquai when I wear it)

    10) Lastly is my small collection of Gap (or gap style) jerseys and various plain t-shirts that can be mixed together in various layers, usually the t-shirt over the jersey.

  6. Great post - it's really made me think about my style or rather the lack of it. I don't think I want to sum up my appearance as ill fitting jeans, wedding ring when I remember to wear it, and hair in pony tail..

  7. What a gorgeous wedding dress! I really fancy one