13 Apr 2011

Snapshot - Word of The Week

(Snapshot n.: A photograph taken with a small hand-held camera, an isolated observation Etym: also snap-shot, 1808, "a quick shot with a gun, without aim, at a fast-moving target;" photographic sense is attested from 1890.)

I know, I haven't blogged much over the last few weeks. As I said in last week's bumper post (here) real life keeps getting in the way - work is hectic. Then I decided to go to Leeds for the weekend to see some friends - and it broke me. As you might have guessed from my tweets and/or facebook, I'm sick. I have woman-flu. This differs from man-flu in that in spite of a full fever, not being able to hear, having razor blades in my throat and aching all over, I martyrously attempt to "work" before being told to go home sick. It also causes one to make up words - apparently `martyrously` is not a word. Sorry.

Anyway instead of a nice well thought out blog post, I thought I'd just give you a little snap shot of what's tickled me over the last couple of weeks. Kind of a cross between a list, an interview, and news aggregator. Besides, I already sent one email to my boss this morning - from my sick bed - that ended "Oh god, does that make *any* sense" - so it's best I don't try to think too hard.....

What I'm Reading:
Kate's Wedding - Chrissie Manby (review to come but 'tis awesome)
More To Life Than Shoes: How To Kickstart Your Career (also review to come but really inspiring)
To The Moon & Back - Jill Mansell (you'll need tissues for this one, it's lovely!)
Also to read in due course, The Killer Inside, The Passage, The Group, Money (Amis) and The English German Girl. But only when my brain is not so full of snot.

What I'm Listening To
Moby, Eva Cassidy, Neil Finn, Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine, Bonnie Tyler, Jessie J, Starship, Blink-182, Nirvana, Weezer....
Oh And and and my friend's *awesome* band Two Trick Horse they're relatively new + gig in Leeds if you're around there. Definitely one to watch (well, listen...er, you know what I mean)

Websites + Blogs I've Discovered/Visited
Loves & Life of a London Girl (another dating blog....it's vicarious pleasure as I'm married!!)
The News With Nipples (writing/feminist/interesting stuff blog)
I Know, I Need To Stop Talking (funniest blog ever, about kids, mummies, wine, front bottoms)
Novel Publicity (advice for writers site, amazing social media tips)
Viadeo (social networking site, a little like LinkedIn, interesting + one to watch)
Social Glitz (awesome site/blog about social media/networking - great advice)

New People I've Followed on Twitter
@markborkowski @mashable @queenofshops @stefanstern @the3rdgirl @NaomiAKlein @sophiehannahCB1 @sourcerkelly @antoniaharler @james_rowe 

Where I've Been
London - Lucky Voice, Starbucks, West1 Climbing Wall, Strada, MacDonald, Vinopolis + Wine Wharf.

What I've Eaten
Not sick - starbucks, amazing pasta, nibbly yummy things, STILTON, 2 x slippery nipples,  1 x after eight (shooters), some wine, a cider, a fry up. a very BIG chocolate muffin, garlic bread.
Sick - tomato soup, toast, hot ribena, green tea, pasta, cereal, ice-cream

Movies I've Watched
Juno (seen before, but it's awesome) Chalet Girl (surprisingly good, love love love Felicity Jones + she did 90% of the snowboarding herself) Letters to Juliet (twee, romantic, sappy etc.....but made me blub!) Whip It (sooooooo awesome, I wanna be a roller girl now pls kthxbai, okay yes, I know, I'm nearly 30 but still.....)

Random shit i've done/said/thought
  • Sung Jessie J's `Do It Like A Dude` in a packed karaoke booth full of singletons.....dressed in my work clothes. Didn't do a bad job either. 
  • Allowed a so-called friend to video and put on YouTube me + another friend butchering Heart's Alone at karaoke. If you ask nicely, I may sent you a link to the video
  • Mixed up Jessie J + Nicki Minaj and come out with....Jessie Minge....
  • Practically passed out when I bought a round of drinks oop north for under £9...for 3 people!
  • Fretted about higher education/graduate employability...and wondered when someone - anyone - is going to take responsibility for the mess
  • Felt very very very ill with my cold

And that's it! I'm aiming to be back on Friday with an interview, and saturday's photo essay will be about my trip to leeds....in fact, here's a sneak preview....

Thanks for sticking with me during the crap time, you guys are fab. I'm thinking of re-jigging the blog a bit maybe doing some new stuff. If you want to be part of a little focus group/feedback team, comment below!!

Thank you and good night

Stupidgirl has left the building

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  1. I wish I had taken a snapshot of said muffin LoL

  2. Hope this comment posts...last one did not. Hope you feel better. Look gorgeous in your new pic.Still in Algarve, come back from beach...bliss!

  3. Thought that round was £8? ;-)
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. guy at pharmacy says thera-flu (over the counter, liquid remedy) works best and is similar to some prescription concoctions. I figure they must market it out your way too. or guy at chemist's must be familiar and know one like it. Take lots of vit C if u can tolerate the acid (I know...I said that, but it helps shorten duration) Sleep a lot. Watch old black and white movies on some 'classic channel' they appear to possess a certain medicinal quality...And poor Liz Taylor (truly last of a kind) why don't you write about her?...how 'bout what it means to be 'larger than life'?...who comes close today, in ANY field?...and get better.

  5. DemonW - still cannot believe our trains passed and you saw us!!!! Such a freaky coincidence. Anyway it was a yummy muffin. Sara was coveting it :P

    Diana - yay! It did! Thanks re: compliment. Boooooo to the beach :P Have a lovely time xx

    Mel - It was like, £8.35 or something - for a vodka + coke, a jaegerbomb + a diet coke. sooooooo cheap!

    Will - I've been taking lemsip which is pretty good. Dunno what thera-flu is but thanks for asking on my behalf, you are too cute! Have had lots of OJ and slept lots, but I went back to work today (well I worked from home in my spare room). Am feeling better but still a bit icky.

    hmmmmmm larger than life....interesting. I might do a series of posts on my role models/people I admire....some of them are a little larger than life. Thanks for the idea dude!

    Thanks for all the comments folks :)

    SG x