8 Apr 2011

Fun with Flirting - A photo essay from the Lucky Voice speed duetting evening!

I tell you, it's a damn tough life being a blogger. Seriously, beavering away at a hot keyboard, trying to think of witty, entertaining post material so that readers will hang off your every word. It's at times like this that you wonder why you bother....oh! wait a second.... I do this for fun...I have a regular job :P

But, in the name of blogging, the amazing folks over at Lucky Voice invited me to come along to a recent speed-duetting event! In case you don't know I've gotten to blog for them before - my top 7 first date karaoke tunes can be found here. I love a bit of karaoke - and am going away this weekend to do just that - I'll be posting my top 10 karaoke tunes on sunday night ....

Anyway the event was held with the dating site MySingleFriend.com (providing the single people) and also rather excitingly with lovely people over at Glee 'cause the new glee dvd is out. The Lucky Voice bar was crammed with beautiful people when I got there and straightaway I knew this would be a night to remember

When I told people I'd be blogging about a speed-duetting event, most people were a bit WTF is that all about but judging from the reaction on the night, it's a sure fire way to date *and* have a laugh - could this be the next big thing on the dating scene?

As well as being *forced* to sing Jessie J's Do It Like A Dude....I loved living vicariously through other people's love lives :P and the speed duetting was fabulous - and here are some pics to prove it. I challenge you not to smile looking at this little lot....and check out the sing off videos at the end of the pics :)

And as promised, here are a couple of videos from the sing off - I think you'll agree that they made cute couples!

That's all for now folks, I'll be back on sunday.

Thank you and good night,

Stupidgirl has left the building


  1. great idea for indie film script. Nation wide kareoke contest. Couples form amd reform on the circuit. Big finals at hot new venue in London. Romance wins in the end. Great music. Maybe some flash mob song and dance numbers on the street? A new 'Commitments' for today's world....Your photos and other material inspired this.

  2. Will - Great idea, write the script!!

  3. Wahhh! loving the videos.