2 Apr 2011

Fun with Climbing - A Guest Photo Essay from Gaz Parry

Hey everyone, happy weekend! Hope you're having a great one. If you didn't catch yesterday's interview it's here, and it was with SIX time British climbing champ, Gaz Parry! Amazingly Gaz kindly submitted to my request that he also do a photo essay. So here you go!

Great memories from competitions. My first international podium. 3rd at Birmingham in the World Cup and in front of a home crowd.

The first time I ever sport climbed abroad was here, Buoux in France. 15 years later I returned to climb this classic route, Chouca.

My first expedition took me to Greenland. We climbed the World’s highest sea cliff. The Devils Thumbnail 4490ft. Sadly my friend and team member Mathew was killed in an abseil accident.

Another expedition to Madagascar. This is climbing near Diego Saurez in the north of the island. An area called Montagne Francais in reference to Madagascars French Colonial past.

Madagascan children prepare the days rice at 6am in the Tsaranoro valley.

The last climb of my Madagascar trip. A first ascent of the hardest route at the time in Mada. Naufrages Du Rhum.

France again doing what I enjoy. Hanging out in holes in the Ariege valley of Southern France

My 2008 expedition took me to Pakistan in an attempt to climb Trango Tower. Bad weather meant we didn’t make the summit, but an amazing trip was had by all.

France again. This time Christmas Day near Briancon. Climbing in the morning and snowboarding in the afternoon. We were on our way to Spain.

Our new home in Spain, we came for a few months at the end of 2008, bought a house and are still here.

Outside our front door with Kate, Joseph the horse and Blackie the cat. We have another 3 cats and numerous dogs

 Sandi Sox. Our first dog and our absolute pride and joy. She was only with us for a year, the memories she left are amazing, sadly she died last month. It has been the saddest month of my life. We now have another Spanish Podengo. We rescued Morgana after she spent 8 years in the Kennels. She now lives happily in an armchair.

Thanks Gaz, that was awesome!

I'll be back tomorrow with my top 10 songs to write to and lots more stuff coming up in the week.

Thank you and goodnight

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  1. Wow, fabulous pics. Love the Madagascan climbing shot :)

  2. That shot of you standing on the rim of The Devil's Thumbnail is awesome. It's magic. How could you ever do it?. Wonderful photographs. I've never seen such blue skies. Why ain't you playing Spiderman?...Thanks to our editor/publisher, Ms Rebecca, for another interesting and professional edition.

  3. Hey! Glad you liked the shots, they're awesome aren't they - I will make sure Gaz sees these comments :)

    Have I converted any of you to climbing yet???