27 Apr 2011

More Carrot, Less Stick - Word of the Week

(Achievement n: Something accomplished successfully, especially by means of exertion, skill, practice, or perseverance. Ety: noun of action from O.Fr. achever early 14c.,  "to finish, accomplish, complete," from phrase à chef (venir) "at an end, finished")

You know what? I think that we, as writers, bloggers or generally as PEOPLE, do not blow our own trumpets enough and share our achievements with others. Over all the previous Word-of-The-Weeks (WoTWs) I've talked a lot about learning and growing and developing, not just as a writer (well, my journey as, er, a writer/blogette type person) but I don't think I've really posted enough about just `owning` what you do. And no matter how big or how small, if it's an achievement to you then it should be celebrated - and that's what this week's WoTW is all about.

First of all, I want all of you, every single person reading this blog to give themselves a pat on the back (or if that's too hard, have a bit of chocklit, that's good too). I want to you to do that to say thank you because the first thing we are celebrating, in the name of achievement is that this week, we passed 10k views of this blog since January. Yes, wow, yikes etc - more than 10 thousand individual views of this blog (and not all of them were me or my mum). So big THANKS  to all of you who read this blog, who comment, who say lovely things to me on Facebook/Twitter etc etc, it is so very appreciated and I could not have done it without you. I'm not sure where this blog is headed or what the end purpose is yet, but I think that 10k views in 3.5 months is not to be sneezed at and I have so loved blogging - so all you guys are kind of, holding my hand, encouraging me to continue. That to believe that just maybe, I can write for some kind of audience. So keep on with that pat on the back/chocklit eating - pretend it's from ME!

Secondly, achievement - as I said, nothing is too big or too small. I think we spend far too much time beating ourselves up and stressing about things, and forget that sometimes, on bad days, even getting out of bed is an achievement. In fact, depending on my mood, all of the following can be achievements for me:

  • Getting out of bed
  • Looking at people when I'm wearing my glasses (can't bear to do this because I think I'm so ugly I don't want them to see)
  • Making it to the top of the climbing wall
  • Blogging
  • Pitching to clients
  • Running for ONE MORE FUCKING MINUTE (past 5 minutes...!)
  • Not having Maccie D's for lunch
  • Scrambling down to the crag when climbing (this can be scarier than climbing)
  • Killing spiders
  • Sleeping when I'm home alone
So if you've done anything today that involved confronting a fear, doing something you didn't want to do, doing something nice, writing, blogging, creating and just generally being you and being fab, I want you to take the next 5 minutes and just celebrate that. Be happy, you rock. 

Finally, please make sure that every day, you just take time to think okay, you know what, I'm not so bad, in fact, I'm doing pretty well at this - whatever it is that `this` for you is - being it writing, climbing, creating - even just living. I definitely don't do this enough - and I'm not saying we should all be big headed - but sometimes you can beat yourself up when instead you need to be your inner cheerleader (especially if she looks like Santana or Brittany from Glee).

And that's all for this week's WoTW - just a short one as I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired after doing lots of climbing on real rock including an 18 metre sea cliff climb (check this out for a pic - tho it's not me in the pic). Hope it was okay - let me know your thoughts below, as ever :)

Thank you and goodnight

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  1. I think it's time to pitch a column idea to some well known magazine ('book' or virtual)..Just direct them to all your 'samples' (blog posts). They'll know you've got a 'voice,' write in a profesional manner, stick to deadlines and produce self-generated, appealing content. Maybe...dare I say it....start looking around for representation? You don't have to do all this full time, but it might pay to see what's out there. (And Katie Purry's...'Firework' {theme music} begins to build)...Well, why not?

  2. This is an encouraging post and I think you are right about our achievements and we need to not overlook the small ones. I look forward to following your posts.

  3. I, for one, am NOT convinced you would look ugly in glasses - quite the opposite. I'm sure you must look just IT! Where's a pic?

  4. good one!

    I think in this country we can be so self-deprecating to a point of paralysis. We give compliments but dont know how to take them, and if you're anything like me when (make that IF)someone says something nice about your achievements you automatically say "it was nothing" or something similar.

    So yes...we should celebrate out achievements more...I will...if I can figure out something I've achieved lately (...see...there I go *lol*)

    So congrats of the page-views, an achievement for you, but a pleasurable read for us! xxx

    (btw..know where you're coming from with the glasses thing. I have to wear mine most of the time due to hayfever & stuff...I hate them & still feel incredibly ugly after over 20 yrs of wearing the damn things)

  5. thanks everyone, I'm glad you feel the same!

    Will - I'm thinking about it, but it makes me a little nervous!!! Need to think of who to pitch to as well :)

    Sage - thank you lovely, we can be glasses wearers together :) Contacts can also be a pain though. Stupid eyes!

    Phil - there are NO PHOTOS of me as an adult in glasses!!! never gonna happen. but thanks lovely :)

    Josh - aw thank you, am now following your blog btw, what a great idea for a blog, looking forward to reading your posts too :)