30 Apr 2011

Becky's Book Review #2 - More To Life Than Shoes by Nadia Finer + Emily Nash

Book: More To Life Than Shoes: How to Kick Start Your Career + Change Your Life
Author: Nadia Finer + Emily Nash
Genre: Job hunting/careers/women/self help
Star Rating: 5/5

General Description
As per the book blurb itself, this is perfect for anyone who has wondered if there's more to life than living for the glass of wine at the end of the day, knackering yourself on the tube and just generally wondering WTF am I showing up in this office for every damn day.Through a series of exercises, mini essays and more importantly, interviews with women who've achieved some amazing things, this book will help you realise that apparently, there is more to life than shoes!

I'm not normally a fan of life coaching/self help/career coaching type books - I guess I've always been a bit dubious and snobbish about them. However when Nadia from MTLTS sent me a link to their website, I totally fell in love with the concept of women supporting other women to achieve their dreams. As I said in WoTW the other day, we don't celebrate our achievements often enough and this book helps you figure out how to achieve your dreams. Actually more importantly than that, it helps you figure out what your dream is and to 

me, that's half the battle.

Another part of the book - that I liked the best - were the interviews scattered throughout - particularly with Martha Lane Fox, Rachel Johnson + Kanya King (founder of the Mobos). 

If you like....... 

What Colour is My Parachute? Erin Brockavich Sliding Doors Getting Things Done The Secret...inspiring true stories, female empowerment, practical advice
....then you'll like this

Why You Might Like This Book
You're curious about self-help/career coaching and tempted (tho cynical) about books in that genre

You're bloody fed up with life
You need some inspiration
You need a helping hand
You want some practical exercises to help you figure out what makes you happy at work and play

Why You Might Not
You're happy with your life

You're not happy with your life but you have no desire to change it
You're not yet in a place to make change in your life
You're not a feminist 
You don't like inspiring stories

So all in all, I am now converted to self-help+career coaching. This book was so inspiring and the exercises were great - I did some of them with a friend in the pub and we both came away feeling a lot more positive about what we wanted.

Thats all for now. Thank you and goodnight

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  1. See, when you said you were going to review this I thought it sounded interesting. Now I'm definitely going to have to read it - you've just described me.

  2. Appreciate the bit about 'why you might not' like the book. Never seen that in a review before. Unique...Career/self help books can be inspiring. Think I'll write one ----YOU TOO CAN BE A SUCCESS IN THE GROWING FIELD OF VAMPIRISM!...Idea...critique the recent big 2 billion viewers matramonial circus...Pros?...Cons? and I wanna know if those 'commoner' types (a completely inappropriate term for those on the dole {BIG TIME] to use) were invited in for a tipple and a bite after, or was it just a rickety seat in the church and a fast ride home?

  3. Lisa - hahahha, I think it's a common feeling :) Love to know what you think when you've read it

    Wil - thanks dude :) And PS your wish is my command, check out today's top 10 list on #rw2011 :)