7 Apr 2011

A Bumper List Post - 30 Day Song Challenge

Okay so this is a list (30 songs) and a WoTW (music) and a general ramble post all rolled into one. Which is to apologise for the serious lack of blogging over the last few days - bloody real life got in the way. And that little thing called work - gah! 
Anyway I hope you lovely folks out there - and in fact all over the world - are well. Special hello to the lovely people who follow this blog in Israel, Japan, UAE, South Korea + India. Am honoured that you like my ramblings!

So here it is, my 30 day song challenge post. In case you don't have a bloody clue what I'm on about, I think you'll find it's pretty self explanatory. Each day last month I had to pick a specific song that reminded me of something. If you're finding this explanation as clear as mud, just read on.....

WARNING - this is a long post....

Thirty Day Song Challenge:

Day 01 - My Favorite Song: U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name. Just so beautiful. I love it so very much.If you watch the vid, the song starts around 2:30 in.

Day 02 - My Least Favorite Song: All Saints cover of Under the Bridge. Just. So.Wrong.

Day 03 - A Song That Makes Me Happy: Guns'n'Roses - Sweet Child of Mine. As I have blogged before, this song is fucking awesome. It just is. And I think Axl's fit. Sorry about that!

Day 04 - A Song That Makes You Sad: Corinne Bailey Rae – Just Like A Star. This song makes me tear up a lot. It reminds me of when my grandmother died after being ill with cancer. It's such a beautiful song and the lyrics are very poignant.

Day 05 - A Song That Reminds Me of Someone: Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart. This reminds me of several someones but speshly the Wine Wharf ladies, you know who you are!

Day 06 - A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere: Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting. When I was little we drove down the west coast of the US from San Fran to San Diego and this song was CONSTANTLY on the radio. Reminds me of sunshine and blue sea :)

Day 07 - A Song That Reminds Me of A Certain Event: Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun. Not a certain event per se, but the first year of university certainly. I felt like a bullet out of a gun. And slightly out of control.

Day 08 - A Song That I Know All The Words To: Madonna - Like A Virgin. Oh and I LOVE her outfit in this video. NOT the wedding dress, the electric blue leggings bit. I modelled my hen night outfit on this!!!

Day 09 - A Song That I Can Dance To: Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude/ La Gaga - Bad Romance. Bit current I know, but wanted to mix it up a little. These are sure to get me straight on the dance floor. Even if that dancefloor is my kitchen....Oh and I'm not entirely sure what a mandem is....

Day 10 - A Song That Makes Me Fall Asleep: REM - Nightswimming. A very lovely, very calming, very melancholy song. But it's lovely. And husbando likes it too :)
day 11 - A Song From My Favorite Band: U2 - All I Want Is You. You must know by now that I'm a total romantic and this song has it all.

day 12 - A Song From A Band I Hate: Spice Girls - any of their oeuvre but particularly the bloody awful Wannabe

day 13 - A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure: Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way. Even the thought of this band makes me go all stupid + giggly!

Day 14 - A Song That No One Would Expect Me To Love: Velvet Revolver - Slither. It's filthy this one. Gotta love it

Day 15 - A Song That Describes Me: Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains beyond Mountains). A song about not conforming and doing it your own way. I've always felt a little like a square peg in a round hole.

Day 16 - A Song that I Used To Love But Now Hate: Blur - Parklife. Sorry, too overplayed, just irritating now!

Day 17 - A Song That I Hear Often On The Radio: Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire. Sadly overplayed and also a weird title (see here)

day 18 - A Song That I Wish I Heard On The Radio: Jace Everett - Bad Things aka the theme song from True Blood. Awesome song but not much play on UK radio. Weird....

Day 19 - A Song From My Favorite Album: U2 - Running To Stand Still. This is from The Joshua Tree and well worth a listen, bit different to their usual stuff.

day 20 - A Song That I Listen To When I'm Angry: Garbage - As Heaven Is Wide. Do Not Fuck With Me if I am in the mood to listen to this song. You've been warned. 

Day 21 - A Song That I Listen To When I'm Happy: Starship - Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us. I love 80's - see here for more guilty pleasures....

day 22 - A Song That I Listen To When I'm Sad: Britney Spears - Everytime. Or any track from The Bends - Radiohead.

Day 23 - A song That I Want To Play At My Wedding: Frank Sinatra - Moon River. Although this is kind of cheating as I'm married and we had this as our first dance - so I've picked a different clip

Day 24 - A Song That I Want Played At My Funeral: Eva Cassidy – Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Clichéd but lovely!

day 25 - A Song That Makes Me Laugh: Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch. Genius lyrics and reminds me of dancing on stage in a club a LONG TIME AGO!

day 26 - A Song I Can Play On An Instrument – Walking In The Air from The Snowman. Can play this on the piano. Or at least I could.....

Day 27 - A Song I Wish I Could Play: Elvis - Suspicious Minds. And by play, I mean sing. Cause this song is my FAVOURITE elvis song!

Day 28 - A Song That Makes Me Feel Guilty: Garbage - Queer.

Day 29 - A Song From Your Childhood: Human League - Don't You Want Me Baby. Classic song and I definitely remember my parents playing this! 

Day 30 - My Favorite Song This Time Last Year: Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running. I think this is when my AF obsession started. It's a cracking song!

Wow, yikes, that's it. Phew. Mammoth post to come back to! Hope you guys like it - and maybe are inspired to do your own? There's a Facebook page where people post their current `day` song - which is kind of fun. Check it out here.

I'll be back tomorrow with an interview with an  Olympic athlete! Plus the videos + photos from my jaunt with Lucky Voice/Glee/MySingleFriend and then sunday will feature my Top 10 Karaoke songs.

Catch you on the flip side.

Thank you and good night,

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  1. I have thought about doing my own 30 day song challenge, but I have such a crap memory that I will struggle. And I can never pick favourites :)

  2. great idea for a post. Well done on seeing it through

    marc (hugs)

  3. ooooh fun :) And indeed a good idea for a lovely blog post!

  4. That's a lot of work and an interesting idea, but I agree with 'comment #1'---NICOLE. I could never remember all that material. I know what I like when I hear it, yet once it's over, it goes whoosh and blows out of my head and into somebody elses. BUT I strongly agree with---Where The streets....., Sweet child of....., Total Eclipse....., and Suspicious Minds. Also, you have to be brave to badmouth Victoria Beckham, because she's one of the uber queens of Beverly Hills. And she shows up on power lists even when she does nothing. How do certain 'celebrities' do that? It's like mass hypnotism. They snap their fingers and do magic. Sorry to run so long. Oooh! How 'bout Moody Blues, Nights in white Satin? Can't that (whole album) fit in somewhere? The vampires play it over and over and over, but I STILL like it.

  5. Fab post. I have often wondered how many songs I actually know. Must be several hundred thousand ... mad how the brain stores up all that information ...

  6. Hey thanks for the comments

    Will + Nicole: it's not that hard because you only have to do one song a day. And if you listen to your iPod a lot, it's relatively easy :) The tough ones are the songs I don't like - as I don't listen to songs I don't like so I don't remember them.

    Also re: Victoria Beckham, just because someone is famous doesn't mean I have to like them :) I'm not really the Spice Girls target audience.

    I do like Nights in White Satin but it's not really me! Damn those vampires

    KT - yeah totally! I have a 2:2 in my degree yet rarely need to actually follow the words when I do karaoke. Perhaps I should have done a degree in memorising song lyrics????

    Marc - are you going to do a list??

    Thanks for commenting lovelies!

  7. Great idea, I shall promptly pinch it!

  8. Moodies Nights in White Satin is one the absolute greats of all time as is Procul Harum's Whiter Shade of Pale but thse tracks date me and anyone else who rates them too!

    Glad you remember Richard Marx 'Right Here Waiting' cos yes it def reminds me of our trip to the West Coast

    Eva Cassidy's Somewhere Over the Rainbow is very beautiful btw have you got my CD cos it disappeared some time ago :-((

    and All I Want Is You is my fave U2 as you well know

    Yes we played Human League and Police(and remember you singing alongside Sting??? don't hide your light under a bushel - whatever that means!) a lot when you were a kid

    My fave Elvis track is also Suspicious Minds but I also like almost as much Are You Lonesome Tonight

    Glad you found time to think fo 30 tracks ;-0

  9. Nice, nice post! Love the concept!

  10. It's really interesting reading your music lists, Becky. You don't fall into a "I like this genre and this one alone" attitude.

    Day 2 - I hated All Saints before seeing this song and video (along with another one) as a trailor to a film in the cinema. It really worked. Very cinematic.

    Day 8 - I don't know the words to them, but if I was going to choose a fave Madonna song it would be from this album, but probably 'Material girl'.

    Day 29 - I like that choice and even though I'm older than you, I can still honestly say it was a song from my childhood too. :-)

    Following your original alternative love songs post I've got ideas for a couple more music posts. One of which will include "Head Like A Hole" (NIN). "Head like a hole" would also feature in my 30 day song challenge list too. I wonder if you can guess which day??


  11. Gary - thanks, yeah I like such a mix of stuff! Enya, Nirvana, Kylie, U2, Arcade Fire, The Prodigy, Madonna. But i think it's fun not to limit yourself.

    I can't believe you like that All Saints song arghh! I think you probably like Pure Shores which was on the beach soundtrack. Material Girl rocks!!!

    Head Like A Hole is an awesome song - one that @aliamck introduced me to. Definitely looking forward to your list, be sure to send me a link please!