3 Sep 2011

Fear and Flying - My Holidays Part 1

Sorry for bastardizing the classic Erica Jong novel title but it seems particularly apt for this post on my holidays and generally the last couple of weeks. I wanted to pop in and say hi to you all before a proper blog post and photo essay on the holiday later this week. Anyway, I'm a bit tired and literally just back from Geneva as of two hours ago, so on with the post!

1) First, a picture.....

This was the view from my sunlounger. Yes, that *is* Mont Blanc up there, behind the Aiguille de Midi and some other tall pointy things. I really should draw some little arrows in to show you which is which. But I might get it wrong eeeep. Anyway I was on a sun lounger because of....

2) The Injury
I fell off a mountain.

Well to be more accurate, I tripped on a mountain path when I was going too fast down it after husbando threatening to catch him up and tickle him. Sexy as that sounds, it was wasn't quite as sexy as going ass over tit and spraining my ankle. Fuck me does that hurt!
I'm glad there's no photographic evidence of me, face down in the dirt, screaming. Not a good look. I feel I should point out that a) I fell over on the safest part of the hike and not the bit with the precipitous drop - if I'd fallen there, I'd be writing this from beyond the grave and also b) I then had to walk back down the mountain for 2.5 hours on said ankle.

I had a lovely rewarding lump the size of an EGG the next day. A hen's egg to be precise. Hence lying on a sunlounger. Anyway, you might want to know the....

3) Location
Of the holiday was Chamonix, in the Alps. We flew to Geneva (okay, I know it's wanky but I love saying that, it makes me sound dead posh). On a tangent, Geneva airport is full of adverts for private wealth management and expensive watches that all look identical.
So yes, chamonix. And the reason for the location was to do some....

4) Outdoor activities
No, you filthy minded people, not *those* sorts of outdoor activities! Well, actually I did pee into a bush several times but they don't tend to put toilets on top of mountains. Someone should seriously look into that pronto.

So yes, hiking on teeny tiny, scary paths (pics to follow), scrambling, rock climbing, MULTI PITCH climbing and abseiling. This is where the er, *fear* part kicks in. I had a total wobbler when we abseiled. Full on crying + shaking - took husbando 20 mins to coax me down! I know he knows exactly how to set up everything but it was still (imagine this in a wobbly tearful voice) scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. But I did it - yippee!

I will be doing a couple of photo essays - to avoid the whole seen one mountain seen them all look - plus I have some awesome video footage of paragliders taking off. So cool! I will also post up a list of all 9 books I read whilst I was away (um yeah, kindles, genius idea) and also drop in some stuff about the bizarre sexism I experienced in our hotel. Yes, really.

That's all for tonight, I fear I am making even less sense than usual. Catch you tomorrow for some kind of top 10 and more holiday ramblings :) Hope you're all well.

Thank you and good night

Stupidgirl has left the building

PS The Cosmo Blog Awards nomination period has been extended for another couple weeks, so if you'd like to nominate me (blush) you've still got time - the link is on the big pink sticker at the top of the blog! Sorry for the shameless self promotion seeing  as I've been away this past week.

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  1. Looks so beautiful...I'd be inclined to stick with the sun lounger and enjoy the view ;)