25 Sep 2011

A Headfull of Dust Bunnies - Top 10 Comforting Things

Firstly, sorry to Evelyn Waugh. Terrible paraphrasing with today's blog post title.

Anyway, I am feeling very sleepy today. Not sure why really. I've had a busy week and yesterday went to a baby shower and then to stay with a friend and then straight to another friend's house. On the plus side I've not cooked for myself this weekend. On the achievement side I have taken the Northern Line from Finchley Central to Balham (that's 21 stops folks). On the minus side, I am now very, very sleepy. So I am attempting to write a blog post mainly governed by what I would like to do for the rest of the day. In fact I think this is a general list for stuff that's good on sundays or any day when you're mildly sick/tired/hungover/it's raining/you feel sad.

Top 10 Comforting Things

1) A Hot Drink
I guess a british first choice would be tea. But really this covers anything from hot soup to hot chocolate to coffee with a big splosh of Baileys or whisky or other simillar alcohol. THe only thing that you can't have is espresso. That's not relaxing or comforting.

2) A Hot Bath
Just as it says. Preferably with bubbles and a glass of wine. And fluffy towels warming on the radiator. The best combination for this is when you've had a long hard day at work and it's dark + cold (and possibly raining/sleeting/snowing/foggy) outside. Instructions for this should be - walk in door, fling bags + keys aside, start bath running + add bubbles, pour wine, drink wine, strip off, pour more wine, grab book + pjs + bathrobe, put pjs/bathrobe/towel on radiator, step in bath, drink wine, read book. For *at least* 30 minutes. Top up wine and hot bath water as necessary. Be sure to drink the wine + bath in the other water - not the other way around.

3) Clean Sheets
You know, when you put clean sheets on the bed. And you fluff up the pillows and duvet. And you get in and it's crisp and lovely. Blissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4) A Good Book
This can be entirely up to you but if I'm feeling sleepy/tired/sick I like to settle down with a really fat chick lit or YA novel. Or a nice easy crime thriller. Something I can really get into and relax with - so I don't have to work too hard figuring out the plot or looking up big words :) My perfect authors for this include Adele Parks, Marian Keyes, Elizabeth Berg and Richard Montenari.

5) The Spare Duvet
So, in our house we sleep in a king size duvet as I can be a touch possessive about duvets. We have a duvet on our spare bed but we also have the *spare* duvet that was on our bed until we got the kingsize duvet. The spare duvet (TSD for short) is banished from the sitting room - or more importantly, our big squishy L-shaped sofa. No, I don't know why either. But when husbando's away TSD gets to live on the sofa, preferably with me stretched out under it on the short part of the L of the sofa, glued to the tv :)

6) Macaroni Cheese
Or mac and cheese for you americans out there. Quite simply, the best comfort food ever. Although sadly it does also add a layer of comfy padding around *me* too.  But melty cheese and pasta is just perfection. I also like a dab of tomato ketchup too.

7) A Furry Thing
No, NOT that you filthy minded people. I mean a cat or a dog. Something soft and fluffy to cuddle and look at your adoringly. Cats and dogs have mastered the art of comfort. In fact if you own either animal you'll know where the comfiest, nicest place to sit in your whole house - because that's where your pet is! Cats are masters of this.

8) Fluffy Novelty Slippers
So, I used to hate novelty slippers. Until my mother got me a pair. In the shape of sheep. I named them Neil and Gaz after climbers. They were the most comforting things I have ever put on my poor battered feet. Especially after wearing heels all day (although I am not currently wearing heels due to the ankle debacle)

9) A Hottle
Sorry, hot water bottle.  Brilliant in the winter. Especially when on the sofa accompanied by TSD and a hot drink and a dvd. Similarly in bed too.

10) Cake
Any cake but speshly a big piece warm chocolate fudge cake with homemade vanilla ice cream. Or warm carrot cake with vanilla ice cream. Or warm coffee cake with vanilla ice cream. Or warm apple cake with ice cream. Or ....well anyway, you get it!

I'm off to have a hot bath now :) And read a trashy book :) What are your favourite comforting things?

Thank you and goodnight

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  1. Nothing to add - you've got them all just right xxx

  2. Loved them! :-) I'd add a cuddle with someone you love as well as a cat or dog xxx

  3. Your list is almost identical to mine - I adore a big ol' hot chocolate with a generous splash of Bailey's & whipped cream :) 'The Spare Duvet' doesn't exist at mine, but a the Primark Fleece does!

    A xxx

  4. cheekymonkey /abodago25 September 2011 at 22:36

    That list made me feel snuggly! I am now ready for winter!

  5. sometimes an old, black and white film from the 1930's helps too. like time travel to a 'simpler' (though not really) era.