16 Sep 2011

Ketchup Post - What I've Been Up To Since...Awhile Anyway

So, I've posted quite a bit this week and last but I was a bit erratic during August - lots of stuff to talk about.
Anyway I thought you'd like a list of stuff I've read, listened to and watched as well as places I've been to - and places I've eaten + drunk at. It's a very short post because I've had a very busy week but I hope it gives you a snapshot of what I've been up to.

Here you go:

Books I Have Read
What The Nanny Saw - Fiona Neill - review to come
Left Neglected - Lisa Genova - review to come

Movies I Have Watched
The Eagle - based on the book, The Eagle of the Ninth - this was well worth watching. The cinematography was awesome - here is a still to prove it:

Red Riding Hood - unfortunately, or perhaps unsurprisingly to some, this was diabolical.
Sarah's Key - amazing + incredibly moving, I'll be covering this in a book review of the book of the same name in the next couple of weeks.

Music I Have Listened To:
Snow Patrol - check this post
Counting Crows - very retro I know :) Mainly their newer stuff though, rather than AAEA
Nirvana - also retro
Pearl Jam - ditto
Rage Against the Machine - ditto
Journey - just because
Lady Gaga - because she has taken over my brain

Places I Have Been
Wales (well that was the end of July)

Places I Have Eaten
Le Percolateur - very yummy food indeed!

Places I Have Drunk
Dr Ink

And that's it for now - am dashing off to a karaoke session (as ever...) but I'll be properly back over the weekend I promise. Have a lovely evening everyone.

Thank you and goodnight

Stupidgirl has left the building

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