18 Sep 2011

Looking Lived In - Top 10 Things That Make Me Smile

I hope you're all having an *awesome* sunday - or whatever day of the week it is when you're reading this! We've had a quiet one here, I have done TONS of cooking in some attempt to ensure we eat something other than cereal, takeaway or chips. I have made a ginormous chicken + chorizo casserole and a `proper` bolognaise sauce that has been cooking for around 5 hours now mmmmmmm.

Today's top 10 was inspired by the utterly inspirational Bangs and A Bun blog and this post. I've been a bit wordier than her, but I've not written 50 things, just 10 :) Hope you enjoy! Oh and be sure to follow B&AB - she rocks.

Top 10 Things That Make Me Smile

1) Dogs
Just generally but most specifically when they chase rabbits in their sleep, wag their tails when they lie down, their sheer enjoyment for the most mundane of activities (an ear scratch, a cuddle, a random smell) but mostly for their general silliness - like these cute airedales!

2) General animal silliness
Animals can be pretty funny generally. Especially when they are small and excitable, such as in this video or this one of Cookie The Baby Penguin (the last 10 seconds are the cutest thing I have seen in my life, I defy you not to laugh let alone smile!)

3) Guys With Flowers
When you see guys walking along with huge bunches of flowers - especially on Mother's Day - it's really cute! 

4) Random Acts of Kindness
When people give up seats on public transport, give someone change for the bus, help someone across the road, carry heavy luggage and are just unexpectedly nice to a complete stranger, this makes me smile. Like the nice man at South Ken tube who carried my suitcase up the stairs for me :)
5) Music
Or to be more specific, when a song comes on that reminds you of a person, place or thing and you can't help but smile. Like Sweet Home Alabama reminds me of my friend Katie. Or Footloose reminds me of my friend Alia. It's just 2 seconds but wallowing in the happy memories can brighten up a grim commute! Or even just cheering up a chilled out afternoon at home.

6) Christmas Morning
It's exciting isn't it! I'm Jewish and it's exciting. It's when I wish I was a kid again. Even though as an adult you usually know what you're getting it's still so much fun isn't it. I love the whole day - family rows and all.

7) Signs that Spring has Sprung
You know - when you get up and it's not dark anymore! And you leave work and it's still sunny when you get home. And daffodils pop up everywhere. And you don't have to wear your woolly tights anymore (that's just me isn't it). And just that general smell of "green stuff" - mown grass, snowdrops, green leaves!

8) My Friends
Online or offline, just when you're most in need of some friendy-type stuff, one of them always pops up at just the right moment to make you feel better. And that you're not a total loon. Much.

9) Little Kids
It's not original I know, but god they make me smile. Either by being accidentally funny - such as writing a story about "Mr + Mrs Beaver and their little Beavers" (snigger) or by mispronouncing words - "lellow, spinkles, disastrophe, raff, misinfectant". Or asking awkward questions - "what's that?, points at belly buttton stud" and also "Mummy, what's a lesbyan?" (say it out loud). You know it, they're funny!

10) Love Actually
Okay don't hate me but I love this film and it's utter naffness makes me smile all the way through. Well, and cry a bit also. Such as the bit with Bye Bye Baby at the beginning. But I particularly like the character played by Kris Marshall, who goes off to the states to meet women after being rather unsuccessful in the UK. I also like the bit in the arrivals lounge at the end PS Ginormous spoiler alert in this video. But then has anyone *not* seen this film?

That's it for the list, but what makes you smile? Let me know in the comments below and if you want to share any funny videos, feel free.

I'll be back in the week with the first of 3 photo essays from Chamonix plus a lyric day, book revew and Word of The Week.

Thank you and good night

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  1. Very nice! I agree with all of them except the kids... ;)

  2. I am another Love Actually devotee. Neil wants to divorce me for this. I defy him - or anyone - not to weep in a large heap at Emma Thompson's fucking GENIUS in the Joni Mitchell scene. Stunning, stunning, stunning. (And I also fancy Alan Rickman slightly uncontrollably in it.)

    Kat @ IKINTST (who cannot comment properly due to stupid Blogger log ins) xx

  3. I vote for signs of Spring! I'm not a fan of Winter or the cold, so when I see trees getting green fuzz and the first crocus push through the earth, I'm dancing with joy!