14 Aug 2011

Becky's Book Review #6 - The 52 Seductions by Betty Herbert

Book: The 52 Seductions
Author: Betty Herbert
Genre: Relationships/Sex
Star Rating: 4/5

General Description:
You might remember, back in February, I interviewed a blogger called Betty Herbert. I'd found Betty Herbert after someone posted a link to her blog on the forum I belong to. Betty was blogging about sex in a long term relationship and the affect that being together for a long time can have on your sex life.

She'd been with Herbert, her other half for about 14 years - and married for awhile too - and is in her early 30's. As an experiment, they'd decided to seduce each other, once a week for a year - hence The 52 Seductions. I was absolutely captivated by her blog - her refreshing honesty, candour and humour as well as how much she and Herbert loved each other.

I wasn't surprised either to find out that her blog had come to the attention of a literary agency and was being turned into a book - hence this review. It's important to state that the book is not just a bind up of 52 odd blog posts, it's a coherent literary narrative describing one year in the sex life of a married couple. It's endearing, funny, rude, entertaining and just quite simply, wonderful.

If you like....... This book isn't really like anything I've ever read, so actually this section is very hard to do. I would say if you like reading about the dreadfully termed "women's issues" such as Caitlin Moran, Germaine Greer etc as well as sex writers such as Nancy Friday, Em + Lo and general sex advice books then you'll probably like/love it. However what distinguishes this book from being a sex manual/feminist literature is its honesty and transparency so in that respect it is also a fantastic autobiography. Obviously if you like anything like The Bride Stripped Bare, Belle De Jour, Girl With a One Track Mind then you might be interested in this - although they are very different
....then you'll like (LOVE) this

Why You Might Like This Book
You're in a long term relationship
You're open minded
You're interested in sex in a cultural way (wait, that sounds odd, you know what I mean!)
You're interested in what makes people tick
You're curious about what goes on behind closed doors
You're interested to see if you can learn anything

Why You Might Not
You don't like reading about sex/detailed descriptions of sex
You're looking for a sex manual
You don't want to know about other people's sex lives
You don't want to know about long term relationships/intimacy

It's a great book and so worth a read - and I can also say that Betty and Herbert are incredibly lovely people as I was privileged enough to meet them both in person!

Thank you and good night,

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  1. LOL I think I'll pass. I do have a sense of humour, but I really don't want to know what other people do. (Odd for an American, I know)

  2. haha, you know what, I think I might take the sense of humour thing out - it seems a little judgemental (goes off to edit) of me! Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Wow...an agent actually read a blog?....Yo, agents...read OUR blogs too